Magneto-Hydro-Tropism: A revolutionary discovery by Pakistani scientists

On Tuesday last week, a team of Pakistani scientists, under the leadership of Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi, claimed a foremost discovery after carrying out the first scientific demonstration of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism (MHT).

Professor Al Hafi is the chief creator of MHT in the country. He is a scientist in multiple disciplines who is currently serving as a Principal Investigator (P.I) for post-doctoral research work in various Asian universities including Punjab University.

While talking to the reporters, Dr. Al Hafi said the state-of-the-art discovery of MHT developed to vivid broad-spectrum and far-reaching impacts on multi-spherical segments of basic as well as applied sciences. Additionally, he said that MHT will also help control neuron and it will cease pregnancy-related issues. He further added that:

“It provides nucleic framework by laying the very core conceptual foundations of an entirely new orbit-realm in high energy physics. By virtue of this magnanimous scientific achievement, indubitably, Pakistan is turning out to be the world’s capital in Magneto-kinetics – leaving far behind the claims made by the scientists of a neighboring country”

At an altitude of over 4000 feet from the level of ground, the first testing from a team of Pakistani scientists was performed to expose plasma and other object-testers to approximately 1.2 Tesla. The scientific world possesses complete knowledge about the occurrence of ‘photo-tropism’ or ‘photo-tropicity’ but there isn’t any scientific paper on record that holds the concept of Magneto-Hydro-Tropicity (MHT).

Professor Al Hafi said that Albert Einstein frame-worked the notions of quantum physics and now the Pakistani scientists’ team was frame-working the concept of MHT. He further stated that the discovery of MHT is omnipresent and omnipotent, weightless wave like vector-entity. He stated that:

“The discovery provides the schematic clues and gives answers to hosts of questions for understanding the multi-spherical phenomena of cosmogenesis. MHT is going to become a word, which is to be milestoned in the scientific legendary classics for the centuries to come”

MHT is yet to become a subject of research internationally but the team of Pakistani scientists is confident and positive that endless possibilities will be up for grabs. Professor Al Hafi was also of the view that the breakthrough discovery of MHT will provides a basic ground of a new area in high energy Physics – a framework for future generations to lay their research on.

The scientists that worked together to develop MHT were inter-disciplinary experts from different fields. The members were Professor Emeritus Dr. Zaki (Comsats), Dr. Azam Sheikh (Science International) and Dr. Shaheen Khan (HEC). Some other researchers from various institutions were also a part of this discovery.

According to the team of scientists, MHT will also open up avenues in Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, Environmental Sciences, Medicine, Physics and other associated fields. Professor Al Hafi and his team were confident that with the latest unearthing of MHT, Pakistan is at the center of the opening of a new scientific era.

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