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The application is a facilitation P2P platform bringing together the ‘Traveller’ who has the power to deliver goods on time and at cost-effective rates and ‘Sender’ who is proactively looking for the goods to be delivered to its desired destination in a timely and cost-effective manner. Even as of today, if not millions then definitely hundreds and thousands of people are looking for travellers who can take goods to their loved ones abroad or in other cities of Pakistan. Travoney however, is working on the domestic model for now.

The usual lines – “need to send food to my son”, “I forgot my bank documents and have now arrived home. Farhan is leaving tomorrow; kindly send the documents with him”. Although, courier companies are abundant in Pakistan but still individuals feel a lack of trust especially with their beloved documents. The specific time-frame which the users have to strictly follow to book their baggages/parcels accompanied by the long queues and forms for the delivery companies are the biggest limitations faced by them. Therefore they opt for friends, family and other connections to deliver goods –effective to their dear ones. Travoney is the solution to this dilemma. Therefore, it has created a trusted community, family and a unit that is ready to deliver parcels, items and goods on time and securely – every time. The courier companies lack the feel of a human touch as there is no one person to count on and Travoney is right there to fill that void. Travoney is working on the ethos of human trust and security that we all need. Good people are not hard to find if one looks at the right place. Travoney within its three days of launch crossed over 500 downloads and promising to be an example of an economy sharing model. A quick workflow of the app includes the initial sign-up by the user followed y the phone and ID card verification (during the booking). One single window that then leads to two options A. Traveller and B. Sender. The user continues with the one he/she is looking to benefit with. For example, if the user is a traveller going to Islamabad from Karachi (either by Air, train or bus) then it will have the opportunity to send potential senders its offer of kilos he/she is ready to ship for the sender. Once the rate/bid is uploaded, the sender then contacts the traveller and decides to meet on a public place after a mutual understanding. Besides, both parties have the right to see each other’s ID cards as proof of identity that builds further trust. Once items are checked thoroughly and as per “Six Safety Checks” suggested by Travoney, the traveller takes the items and delivers it to the destination he/she is already travelling to. No transaction can take place until a valid ID Card is not entered. Upon delivery, the traveller marks the job as done, receives the payment – closing the deal. To further increase security on the application, Travoney thoroughly reviews travellers profile and conducts its checks to award “Travoney Verified” Badge upon satisfactory screening of the profile and data provided. Also, past rating matters in order to achieve the “Travoney Verified” badge on the platform. Furthermore, from time to time we make our users aware of how they can best keep themselves secure. Few tips are, never to deliver any concealed or sealed item. Always check the other party’s ID Card and ensure that he/she is the same person using the application, and if at any given point you feel uncomfortable about the deal – always back out! For the convenience and security of the users, Travoney has published terms and conditions, privacy policy and FAQs on the website and on the mobile application to make the current and potential users aware of the new phenomena – Travoney, the Crowd-Shipping application. Currently, Travoney is completely free of cost to download, and no commission is charged on successful transactions. For travelers, this application always keeps them loaded with holiday money while travelling and for senders, this is the best way to cut cost and benefit the society through a robust economy sharing model. If you want to know how this Billion Dollar idea is going to reach its milestone then support, like, share and comment on all Travoney social media posts. And more importantly, download Travoney from the Play Store.

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