Makerthon 2017 – Students Put Your Creative Hats On

Maintaining its tradition to be the flag bearer of the upcoming trend shift in Pakistan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and surging startup dynamics, Peshawar 2.0 has come up with another exciting chapter of their youth centered initiative – Makerthon 2017.


Peshawar 2.0 is a social enterprise with the goal to develop Peshawar into the nerve-center of the contemporary entrepreneurship culture in Pakistan. The enterprise has organized and participated in events like NextGen, Startup Weekend Peshawar, Peshawar Civic Hackathon, TEDxPeshawar, Global Entrepreneurship Week etc.

A significant part of Peshawar 2.0’s portfolio is an education initiative known as Makers League. Makers League is a project run by a 300 strong energetic and dynamic team geared by the passion to rebuild and re-brand the city of Peshawar. Makers League works in the periphery of creating new-age startups and business ventures in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Biotech, Hardware, Fintech etc.


To cultivate a dynamic culture of young change-makers taking over the technological front, Peshawar 2.0 has come up with this brilliant initiative focused upon harnessing the potential of the young minds. this annual skills boot-camp has been architectured as a one-week program for students in grades 5th-11th, the Makerthon is going to teach Coding, Filmmaking, Robotics, Biotech, Arts+Design, and solve interesting challenges.

Aiming to inspire and educate the next generation of young makers and future entrepreneurs, techies, designers, and artists, Makerthon is a 36-Hour-Hackathon. This year’s edition of the initiative – Makerthon 2017 – is an accelerated and hands-on learning initiative for students in grades 5th to 11th. It is the 3rd edition of dedicated purposeful workshops arranged in Basecamp.


The most strong characteristic of Makerthon initiative is its dedicated focus at the young minds. The program has made a repute of consistent success in channeling the passion of young students to enterprising pursuits.

Students of grades 5th to 11th are the real beneficiaries of this program.  To see if Makerthon cuts the bill for the young students, following is a good checklist:

  • Project based learning
    Putting on creative hats and thinking out of the box (and book).
  • Hands-on workshops
    Learning skills in hand-on workshops focused at coding, filmmaking, robotics, biotech, arts+design
  • Design sprint
    Facing the challenge to ideate, build a prototype and test a design
  • Tools
    Employing tools and equipment like Arduino boards, robotics kits, Adobe creative suits, DSLR cameras
  • Discovering
    Finding one’s own talents and exploring personal areas of interest
  • Connecting
    Networking with future mentors

If anyone enjoys the list above, NOW is the time to get registered for the third edition of Makerthon. The program is a limited capacity event – 20 seats, and registrations are application based only.

Sharing his views about the efficacy of such a venture aiming at developing students’ potential, Bilal – Co-founder of Peshawar 2.0 – said that he believed Makerthon to be a turning point for the participant students in deciding their careers.

The week-long event will feature 5 speakers from across the country and 20 students selected from all over the region shall be able to participate.

Stressing upon the need to create a more fulfilling experiences for the youngsters of the day, Khushal – the project lead – voiced his thoughts:

“If we’re going to teach these kids the same way as we taught yesterday, we’ll only be burying our versions of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk”.

Well, to that we couldn’t agree more!

Currently in its registration phase (though only for another few days), Makerthon promises to be an opportunity for 20 bright young individuals to exercise their creative muscles and explore their true potential by expanding their knowledge and skills.

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