MandiExpress: New Sabzi Mandi of Leafy Greens Through Your Screens

Life as a Millennial isn’t simple. Most of our digitally packed life revolves around different types of screens. Computers, laptops, smartphones, we’re pretty hooked to being hooked. That’s why it’s no surprise for us when, with online shopping being a thing, even our vegetables are readily available to come to us at the push of a button now.

Yes, indeed. Mandi Express, the joint project of Jehanzaib Chaudhry and Danyal Balkhi seems like the next big startup to hit the market and that too for good reason. The main idea revolves around connecting small-scale farmers to consumers via an online portal to both maximize profits for the farmers as well as to ensure that the consumers opting to buy veggies off the website get the freshest of the fresh products available, delivered to the comfort of their home.

The website itself is very user-friendly and easy to understand. The sleek design, smooth commerce model and vibrant color scheme only serves to enhance the appeal of the website.

The navigation is pretty easy with the required item opening up in the same page so you can quickly add your item to the cart and go about your merry way. However, you can’t view individual products in newer tabs-instead, opening a new tab just lands you onto the homepage from where you have to navigate your way again. This basically means, you’ll have to follow from the home page as many times as are the items on your list.

The website has a lot to offer you. From the stuff that is available with regular hawkers and vendors to greenies that are harder to come by, this website has most of the stuff you will need in your daily pots and pans.

Another feature worth mentioning is the ‘Popular Items’ tab. This tab is home to the nutritional facts regarding the foods offered on the website. So if you’re looking for veggies to banish any particular ailment or problem, bookmark Mandi Express as your go-to vegetable vendor!

As for whether this website will be able to completely replace the sabzi mandis? It’s pretty soon to tell but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that differentiating between dhaniya and podeena just got a lot easier for me!

photo: Kamran Nafees / Dawn

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