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McDonald’s Website Is Down (And The Reason Is….)

We’ve all been guilty of it. Coming home late in the evening or even the early hours of the morning only to be hit by a sudden wave of cravings like never before. Of course, that’s when we thank God that we’re part of the internet generation and hence can actually sate our cravings with the click of a button. That is, when the website isn’t down, of course.

Last night when hungry people all across Pakistan logged into their favorite choice of fast food in the wee hours of the night’s website, they were faced with a rather sad situation.

Imagine logging into McDonald’s website only to find that it’s down due to exceeding the bandwidth limit. Sad, hungry situation, indeed.

Starting from last night right up until now till the filing of this report at 10 am, every time you try to access the official McDonald’s Pakistan website, the website shows an error 509 with the bold, blaring message, bandwidth limit exceeded. What a shame!

mcdonalds website down

For those of us who are hungry and wondering what this means, Error 509 means that the traffic that has been generated by a website has exceeded their monthly allowance set by the hosting company. When this happens, the website temporarily becomes unavailable for any further traffic until the issue is resolved by the host company.

For those of us who aren’t very techy, many companies purchase a fair amount of bandwidth based on the estimated traffic that they’re expecting off their website host companies. Of course, in McDonald’s case we’re a bit surprised that the fast food giant didn’t opt for the (sometimes) cheaper and much more secure option of getting an unlimited bandwidth.

Whatever the reasons behind that, however, it looks like a lot of us will be skipping out on the golden arches on this, the last day of the year 2016. That is, of course, unless you want to drive there or maybe call them to deliver. In which case, more power to you and your fast food cravings!

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