5 things Pakistanis can learn from the Mobile World Congress 2016

Technology is fast changing the way we connect to one another and with the unveiling of industry-redefining innovations in Internet of Things, Cloud and 5G technologies, the Mobile World Congress 2016 stood true to its slogan ‘Mobile is Everything’.

  1. Internet of Things is getting Hotter:

The number of IOT devices will go up to 38.5 billion in 2020, up from 13.4 billion in 2015, which is a remarkable 285% increase, according to Juniper Research. AT&T, Qualcomm, Verizon and other leading international telecom companies are fast making every device that can run a current, smarter. So hold on, IOT startups in Pakistan can easily invite international investment.

2. The world is moving to 5G:

With a speed of about 10 GB/sec, 5G is set to open up an entire new world of possibilities. You will be able to download your favorite movies within seconds. 5G is also considered the key to the Internet of Things revolution. Due to this technology, the amount of connected devices will skyrocket from 5 billion in 2016 to 25 billion by the end of 2020. 5G is 66X faster than 4G. This means that video live streaming and HD calls will become incredibly fast. It will seem as the person you are talking to is in the same room as you. 5G will also push augmented reality and virtual reality into the mainstream.

3. Wearable tech is getting prettier:

The world of wearable tech is getting more diverse than ever, from new fitness trackers and smartwatches to smart clothing and accessories. And then a lot more emphasis is paid on how these wearables actually look. The wearable tech manufacturers are starting to put a lot of thinking in the design of their products too besides their features and functionality.

4. LG, Samsung & Huawei are the leading innovators in mobile technology:

Both Samsung and LG revealed their new phones – Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5. You might want to consider these phones if you are looking to change your phone as they are loaded with tonnes of features that you’ll drool over. Huawei also lunched

5. Driverless cars are getting safer:

Google is already testing driverless vehicles and a number of tech players and car manufacturers have tried to sell them. Cars can easily be controlled via mobile devices in the near future and do away with the hassle of drivers. Great news for those Pakistanis who don’t want to tolerate rowdy drivers.


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