MooVee: An iPhone App to Guide Everyone about Films

MooVee: An iPhone App to Guide Everyone about FilmsMooVee: An iPhone App to Guide Everyone about Films

Film fanatics and Hollywood fans want to be in touch with latest movies. They hunt from top entertainment portals to major news websites in order to pursue the updates and news on latest films & Hollywood gossips. Do you know why Search Engines are keen to serve the mobile audience? Because Smartphones such as iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones are rapidly growing around the world. When Smartphones are on the boost, then iOS and Android apps are likely to be demanded.

Ever wanted to know about upcoming Hollywood movies?

Would like to know about your favorite Hollywood film?

MooVee is such an amazing iOS app that allows iPhone users to explore the information on upcoming Hollywood movies. It helps fans to know about the cast, release date, direction & production information... It is being developed by CrazyApps, a company which is behind TeeVee Inc.

Why to Use MooVee iPhone App?

Are you a fan of thriller, sci-fi, suspense or action genres?

Do you search a lot about films, Hollywood celebs and upcoming films?

If you do, then MooVee iPhone app is exactly for you because it provides movies fans & geeks what they want to know. The fans are likely to know who is the director of the film, who produced this film and who is in the cast—They probably try to find about the movies before they go to the cinema to actually watch the movie. So these are pretty cool features and reasons which make users try this app on their iPhones.

Features of MooVee

  • This iPhone app shows you cast, reviews and information on latest movies.
  • It helps you to know and discover new movies releasing worldwide.
  • This app keeps the record of your favorite movies and recommends you similar ones.
  • Find release date of the latest movies.

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