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6 Morning Habits of Productive People Who Feel Excellent Every Day

Morning sets the tone for your day. Hate crawling out of bed? This might put some pep in your step. Follow these morning habits to wake up feeling grounded. #1 is beautiful in its simplicity.

1. Look.

Go outside. Get some sun. You’ll feel more energetic.

Pay attention. Notice your surroundings. What do you see?

There could be people, plants, animals, buildings, water, vehicles, or any combination of those things.

No matter what you observe, take a moment to appreciate its existence. It is amazing how much we take for granted. Be thankful for the beauty in your backyard.

2. Light candles or incense.

If you’re allergic to smoke or certain aromas, feel free to ignore this point.

Tend to procrastinate? Here’s a habit building hack for you. All you need is a candle or incense and a way to set it on fire.

At the beginning of every workday, light your candle (or incense) and immediately complete the first item on your to-do list.

In time, your subconscious mind will associate lighting a candle with getting stuff done. Yes, it takes practice, but the result can be powerful when you’re persistent. Stick with it.

3. Exercise to get energized.

The human body is made for movement. Find an exercise or physical activity you can enjoy (best) or tolerate (worst).

You don’t have to do a complicated fitness routine. You could simply do a few sets of the sun salutation every morning.

Sun salutations are a well-known sequence of yoga poses from vinyasa (flow) yoga. Total beginner? Good news. These poses can be modified for any body type or experience level. Watch this video to learn how.

If yoga isn’t your jam, that’s okay. Here are some other options. Water your garden. Walk your dog around the block. Do pull-ups on a tree in your yard. Go to the gym (or buy a pair of dumbbells) and lift weights. Run, jump, play, dance, express joy through movement.

4. Eat a nourishing breakfast.

Your body can’t perform at its full potential without essential vitamins and minerals.

Donuts taste heavenly, but they are covered in sugar. That sugar rush is nice while it lasts, but you can expect to crash before afternoon.

It’s better to eat natural foods that provide sustainable energy. Omelets are a great option. Feel free to slice up different meats and vegetables every week for a unique variety of tastes.

Eggs contain protein, the building block of muscle. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins that strengthen your immune system. Add fruit and oatmeal for a fulfilling dose of fiber that will satisfy your appetite. Now you won’t be as tempted to munch on junk food before lunch time.

5. Listen to music that moves you.

Nothing is more soothing to me than the sound of a piano.

It’s like the pianist is expressing, “Everything will be okay,” through his or her fingertips.

What style of music moves you? It might be something completely different. That’s okay.

Be mindful of how music influences your mood and focus. I love heavy metal, but I can’t listen to that when I write. Too distracting. Also, it is hard to type and play air guitar at the same time.

This is true for any music with vocals. My mind needs to concentrate on the words I am writing. Lyrics interfere with that process. This is why I listen to jazz, piano, or symphonies while I work. Experiment with different genres until you figure out which one is most conducive for workflow.

6. Meditate to focus on what matters.

Do you waste an hour or more trying to get focused every morning? If so, this tip is for you.

Monkey mind is when your thoughts pile on top of one another in a giant clump that makes no sense.

Meditation will help you find calm in the midst of chaos. It’s not hard. Sit down in a comfortable spot. Shut the door so you won’t be bothered. If you’re in a noisy area, put on some headphones.

You are welcome to meditate with your eyes open or closed. You could close your eyes and focus on the sensation of air flowing through your body. You could open your eyes and focus on a mantra, burning candle, or sacred object. It doesn’t matter: both paths lead to the same place (inner peace).

Would you add any morning habits to this list?

If so, let me know in a comment. Please share this post with your friends so they can change their morning habits like you. They will definitely appreciate the insights. :)


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