Earn a Nanodegree in Android Development by Google

Did you ever think of making your own mobile app but were bogged down by the complexities of coding? Or were you always a gamer but never got a chance to be a game developer? Or did you always want to study game development but your university didn’t offer it? Or did you realize after graduation in computer science that maybe you should have taken up electives in android development? Or did you just realize that android apps can make you rich? No matter which of these scenarios suit you, Google has a solution for you.

Now you can easily earn a nanodegree in android development at Udacity, boost up your credentials and either have a career of your choice or make your dream business a success. At a fixed cost of $200/month, you can become a certified android developer in just 6 months. Wait, there’s more. If you graduate in less than 12 months, you get half your tuition fee waived. Isn’t that brilliant?

Forget about going to college. Google has a much better option. Most college degrees don’t offer any practical education anyway, so have it from the industry experts; learn Android by the Creators of Android.

But there’s a catch. This is an intermediate degree. The students wishing to enroll themselves are expected to have prior experience building web or mobile applications in Java or any other object-oriented programming language.

The mobile apps business is booming and you just cannot afford to not be in it. So roll up your sleeves, and learn some coding. It may be difficult in the start, but it’s much rewarding in the end.



  1. disqus_di2fBmx9fx

    07/08/2015 at 7:08 pm

    Thanks for a brilliant article :-)

  2. Umair Ramay

    23/09/2015 at 4:33 pm

    I m the First Pakistani in the World do the NanoDegree But Why Pakistan News is Not Covering Mt Story Rather than Covering India, Google My Name “Jimmy a Geek”

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