NBP creates history by installing ATM at record 15000+ feet

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has created a world record by installing world’s highest ATM (Automated Teller Machine).

According to the details, ATM is installed at Khunjerab Pass (Pakistan-China Border) at an elevation of 4600+ meters. It will be inaugurated in the coming week at over 15000+ feet above sea level. It is pertinent to mention that previously this record was with India’s UTI (now Axis Bank). The ATM was placed near the India-China border at Sikkim at 13200+ feet above sea level.

nbp atm 1

The primary objective of installing the ATM is to serve the needs of tourists that are rapidly growing. Moreover, it will also assist the businessmen who travel to China through the border.

Pakistan has seen a massive upsurge in the number of tourists visiting northern side of Pakistan, including Khunjerab Pass. This step from NBP will solve problems of the tourists since there is no ATM in the nearest localities.

NBP has made sure to keep the service active round the clock for 365 days in a year. Their devoted staff will make sure that the cash and the service is always available so that the customers do not face any glitch.

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The news has taken the internet world by storm ever since the news is broken. Some people are thrilled at the news while many have asked the bank to improve their services across the country.

About National Bank of Pakistan

National Bank of Pakistan is one of the Pakistan’s largest commercial bank. It has redefined its role and has moved from a public sector organization into a modern commercial bank. The services are available to individuals, corporate entities and government. While it continues to act as trustee of public funds and as the agent to the State Bank of Pakistan (in places where SBP does not have presence).

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The bank is all set to register its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest ATM point in the world.

Do you think this is an innovative and bold step from NBP?

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