New Android Apps to Curb Smartphone Addiction

Google recently released 3 new apps which have been designed to assist you in reducing smartphone usage.

Which is the best among them? That depends on how addicted you are.

‘Activity Bubbles’ – Against regular texting

Source: Google Play Store

The first app has an unusual name but it serves a good purpose. It’ll replace whatever wallpaper you’re currently using with a black screen. This screen will fill with bubbles to indicate how much time you’ve spent on your phone each day. New bubbles represent the amount of time you spent during the last session.

The app might fill your entire screen with bubbles but it’s meant to highlight your habits to you, not punish.

Click here to install.

‘Screen Stopwatch’ – Against Netflix-type bingeing

Source: Google Play Store

Your wallpaper will become a stopwatch which counts how much time you’re spending each day on your phone. It’s more of a ‘shaming’ approach toward your addiction.

Click here to install.

‘Envelope’ – against severe addiction

Source: Google Play Store

This app works only on the Pixel 3a, not even Pixel 3a XL. Why this is so remains to be seen, likely because the app actually encourages you to print out an…envelope. Yes, you read that right! Once you’ve printed the physical paper, you’ll need to fold it into a little container for your Pixel 3a. Once you seal it inside the paper, you’ll only be able to use the phone’s camera and dialling facility.

Click here to install.

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