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Nokia unveils MIKA – World’s First Digital Assistant Designed Specifically for Telecom Industry

Nokia, the Finnish information technology company, has designed a customized ‘digital assistant’ that will improve telecom engineering efficiency by providing engineers rapid access to critical information.

‘MIKA’Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant – has been designed to provide automated-voice assistance to expedite exploring information resources. this will enable the telecom operators to focus on core businesses without being bogged down by the complications of multi-technology network systems.

MIKA – powered by the Nokia’s cognitive services platform and supported by the company’s tech expertise, is the first ever digital assistant made specifically for the telecom operators. It is designed to provide automated assistance that empowers and liberates highly- skilled workers to focus on critical tasks, Nokia said in a statement.

Nokia has also revealed that application of its ‘digital assistant’ could ‘give back’ more than ‘one hour’ of productive time per engineer every day by providing access to a wide range of information through the interactive user interface.

“Finding the right information is a daily challenge for telco engineers tasked with boosting network quality. MIKA taps into the power of the Nokia AVA platform to provide quick and accurate answers, avoiding time wasted on fruitless searches. MIKA is customized to support the specific needs of telecoms, and can deliver recommendations based on experience from networks around the world,”

 – Igor Leprince, Head of Global Services at Nokia.   

Working of ‘MIKA’

MIKA integrates augmented intelligence with automated learning in order to provide access to a wide range of information, equipment and data resources. An important component of MIKA is its knowledge library; it is home to information gathered from Nokia projects across the globe.

Using the library information MIKA can suggest recommendations based on similar issues observed in other networks. MIKA can be accessed via web and mobile agent so that engineers, regardless of their location, can tap into its wide database.

The MIKA service is now available for customer trials, and will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, February 27 – March 2.

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