Car Number Plates Auction 2017: Most Expensive Number Plates Records Made

Lately, Excise and Taxation Department auctioned unique, exclusive and golden number plate series for the year 2017. Subsequently, number plate ‘1’ received the highest bid of Rs 0.71 million (PKR 7.1 lacs), thereby creating record of highest bid in the history of Department of Excise and Taxation.

Due to extraordinary demand of securing golden number plates, the auction takes place every year. Usually, golden number plates are in high demand each year since car enthusiasts and hobbyists like to attain the best possible golden number. The reasons of choosing a particular number could vary from person to person.

Difference in Bids between First and the Rest

The auction which took place in Lahore this week received the highest bid of Rs 0.71 million for number plate “1”. There was a massive difference between the highest and the second highest bid number plates. The second highest bid of the auction stood at Rs 0.29 million (PKR 2.9 lacs) for number plate “5”. The difference between the 1st and 2nd bid was recorded at Rs 0.42 million (PKR 4.2 lacs).

Some of the other auctioned number plates which were sold off in higher prices are as following:

1- Number “1” was sold for Rs 0.71 million
2- Plate number “5” went for Rs 0.29 million
3- Golden number “786” was auctioned at Rs 0.23 million
4- Winning bid for “3” was won by bidder for Rs 0.21 million
5- The highest bid for number plate “7” was Rs 0.19 million
6- Bidder placed a bid of Rs 0.18 million for plate number “4”
7- No. “8” was sold for Rs 0.165 million
8- Golden number “2” went to the bidder for Rs 0.12 million
9- Winning bid for plate titled “6” was won by the bidder for Rs 0.13 million
10- Bidder managed to secure plate number “10” for Rs 0.13 million

Surprisingly, there were no bidders for plate number “9”.

Provided an opportunity is given to you, which number plate would you like to secure? And more importantly, how would you like to comment at this trend of purchasing car number plates in millions?

image: Fahadadeelkhan / Flickr

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