Nutright – An Upcoming Health App for Weight-Watchers!

Nutright is an upcoming app in Pakistan that allows users to lose weight and eat right. Its founder, Umar Majeed, is a digital entrepreneur with 8 years of experience and always looks for problems which can be solved using technology. After 15 months of not doing anything special, he was diagnosed with obesity and high blood pressure and his doctor asked him to lose weight. He was overly obese weighing 127 kgs and started his weight loss journey by googling about weight loss.

He used to read about weight loss information and motivational stories for hours and hours everyday and successfully lost 50 kgs with in 10 months. During these 10 months of his journey, he realized how hard it is to lose weight without proper guidance and motivation. Even though he knew how to use the Internet properly, he realized that there are many obese people over there who want to lose weight but either they can’t afford going to nutritionists every now and then or they don’t have proper knowledge about how to lose it safely. This is how the idea of Nutright struck his mind and he started working on it in the Summer of 2015.

Nutright promises to be one of the most cost effective weight loss program where users will be able to lose weight properly using its web and mobile app. There will be registered physical trainers and dieticians to design fully personalized weight loss plans including diet, exercise, consultancy, physiological sessions and much more starting from as low as just Rs 19/- per day.

Nutright has a line of edible food supplements which are under manufacturing and they are already registered with Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan to operate. In the long run, Nutright will focus on quality customer service to retain the users for the longest possible time until they meet their goals.

Majeed doesn’t see any competition for Nutright at least in Pakistan. He thinks it will be the first web and mobile based weight loss program which will design personalized workout and diet plans for people and will have them follow by displaying recipes and workouts on their app. They just got finished with the shooting of some workout videos last week.

The company is registered with the SECP as a PVT Ltd company. Majeed is still bootstrapping the project and had to sell his car to fund it.

Nutright’s target market is everyone who uses a mobile phone and needs to lose weight. Pakistan was ranked the 9th most obese country in the world where every 1 out of 3 adult individuals is obese. So yeah with the growing use of mobile phone users (now 120 million) and the availability of fast speed Internet, Majeed feels he has got a lot of people to reach. He says that where there is a problem, there is money to be made and when there is money to be made there are always investors to invest.

His team includes Mubashar Akram as the Head of Operations, Umer Asad as Lead Fitness Trainer, Sohail Mahmood Aslam as DOP, Tabish & Adeel as mobile lead and Younas as Web Lead and they are still hiring some registered dietitians.

All of the team members are professionals in their respective fields. Umer Asad has been a fitness trainer at Shapes Lahore for 4 years now and Sohail Mahmood has been doing professional photography for 8 years. Same goes for all technical leads. This means that these guys know what they are doing.

So, watch for it. Something amazing is coming your way.

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