Shopistan launches Woop as its own Marketplace

Shopistan launches Woop as its own MarketplaceShopistan launches Woop as its own Marketplace

Shopistan, a Managed E-commerce Services Company and the only Omnichannel Engine provider in Pakistan, has recently launched its own marketplace ‘Woop’. With inventories from leading fashion brands in Pakistan available online, Woop is all set to set up a new standard in the apparel industry. At the moment, all the online retailers do not offer products from high-end fashion brands online. And this is the market which Woop aims to tap.

And with the growing saturation of Lawn advertising on billboards and in television commercials, online advertising is the new channel that many fashion retailers are drooling for. Woop aims to take over the online market for lawn with its partnerships with Imperial Lounge, Sefam and others. This will also be the first marketplace in Pakistan that will deliver the omni-channel experience to customers and retailers alike.

Ali Aziz, the founder & CEO of Shopistan, has much to say about his company’s latest innovation: “With the retail brand relationships we have and our omni channel product (Shopistan OE) making their current in-store inventory available on the cloud, we have been able to launch our own marketplace, Woop is Pakistan’s first omni-channel marketplace with a mobile first focus. We’re excited with the prospect of introducing many mobile commerce and local inventory aware innovations in the coming months.”

As such, Woop also aims to distinguish itself by setting up a new paradigm for customer experience which doesn’t only include the customer service once the product is delivered, but begins from the onset of the webstore’s interface development. There are many companies that do e-commerce in Pakistan, but many customers still prefer to buy offline. Why? Because these webstores are just not able to deliver the shopping experience a customer is looking for. Woop aims to change that by redefining design for e-commerce.

“Woop is our way of doing justice” says Khurram Siddiqi, the Design & Product VP at Shopistan, “to Pakistan’s finest brands – big or small – because their refinement seldom makes it online fully. Our aesthetic is our own, yet lends itself dexterously to anything that is beautiful, because that’s what Woop is – a place to peruse and buy all things beautiful from Pakistan.”

With the growing number of companies venturing into e-commerce, perhaps m-commerce is still the vacant territory newbies should be looking forward to capture. And I along with others at Shopistan has continuously stressed upon improving mobile conversion rates in order to make more revenue.

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