Organizing Your Business Portfolio to Build Credibility In Pakistan

Organizing your business portfolio is one of the surefire ways to build credibility and ease your way into the Pakistan market. Your business portfolio showcases your company and the products and services you provide. It essentially puts you in the best light, showing what you have accomplished, what your strengths are, and what makes you a good fit to establish a base not only in Pakistan but in other global markets as well.

As a business owner, it is important to establish business goals and objectives, which includes a well-designed business portfolio that is both comprehensive and professional. You should make your portfolio readily available on paper, as a digital presentation, on your website, or all of the above. By making your company information easily accessible, you’ll increase the odds that your target market will be able to see what you’re offering and what makes you a strong competitor in your field.

As with a property portfolio, a business portfolio is a collection of what you have as a company. Products, services, brands, holdings, investments, professional affiliations: just about everything there is to know about your company, your business portfolio has it.

Showing what you are, what you can do, and what you have done via your business portfolio helps you establish credibility and helps your business to stand out from your competitors. As a result, you’ll be able to attract potential investors, clients, and business associates, ultimately growing your business.

Ready to get started? Follow these tips to organizing your business portfolio and building credibility in Pakistan.

Present a comprehensive company profile

Who are you and what can your company do? What difference can you make in uplifting the local industry in Pakistan? Your company profile should be able to answer these questions and more.

It’s important to make your company profile as easily understandable yet complete because it’s usually the first thing that potential customers and investors see, so you need to make a good impression from the start.


Introduce your company properly by including the following information:

  • The company name, a detailed description of what it does and what it offers the target market in Pakistan
  • History of the company, when it was founded, who founded it, and why
  • Human resource profile – number of employees in the company, departments, roster of officers and/or staff. You may include the academic/professional background as well as the core expertise and credentials of team members. Mention where relevant the degrees/diploma courses completed, vocational training completed, workshops attended, certifications earned, and other background information
  • Contact details – give your readers information on how to contact you. Write the fastest channel first, such as a web-based messenger or email address, then out the least oft-used method last (such as a traditional phone line or fax). If your business portfolio is also uploaded online, make sure you include a user-friendly contact form so visitors can easily send queries without having to leave your website

Make a statement

A strong mission statement goes a long way not only in empowering your own team but also in making a good impression on potential clients and investors. Make sure you include your company’s vision, mission, goals, values, and standards to show readers or viewers what you believe in, what you aim for, and the principles around which your company operates.

Your mission statement, values, and goals give your target customers and investors insights to how it would be like working with you. Those who share the same vision and beliefs will instantly form a connection with your company, and that’s the first crucial step in building trust for a good professional relationship.

Lay out your accomplishments

Take pride in what your company has done so far and show it. Make a list of your accomplishments, which will increase your market appeal in global markets. If you have received awards for your performance, say so. If you have received recognition for the community work that you do, don’t be shy about it.

When laying out your achievements, include significant milestones; awards from foundations, magazines, websites, and other organizations; involvement in events; charity work; accreditations from market leaders; and other accomplishments.

Highlight your products and services

Of course, it wouldn’t be a business portfolio without the stars of the show: your products and/or services. Depending on the kind of business you have, organize your offerings according to categories. Here are some pointers when discussing your products and services:

  • Write detailed product specifications. Include the material used for the product (rubber, cotton, canvas, nylon, and the like) and the product dimensions
  • Write dimensions in both metric and imperial units (centimeters and inches; meters and feet; liters and ounces)
  • List the colors available and provide swatches and product images
  • Include care or use instructions
  • When describing services, include a brief rundown of the steps (how a certain service is done), as well as the duration
  • Show images of your offerings. Product photos should be taken from different angles to show features at the sides or at the back of the product
  • Create a gallery showing the products in use or showing customers availing of services
  • Make sure to include before-and-after shots that show the effects of your products and services

Mention your connections and affiliations

Boosting your credibility through your portfolio can also be done by citing your corporate affiliations and discussing your involvement in professional organizations. Being part of a network of established companies and organizations adds to your credibility and allows target clients and investors know that you are not only well-connected but also uphold the values and ethics upheld by the groups you belong to.

Share stories of success and truthful testimonials

Let your current customers share feedback and success stories that potential clients and investors can base their purchase decisions on and that target other organizations can use to decide on a formal partnership with your company.

You can also include performance reviews written by business associates in your portfolio to further show your competence and build credibility.

And that’s it! We hope we’ve helped you get a better idea about organizing your business portfolio and preparing to take on the Pakistan market. Good luck!

About the Author: Emily Simmons had her start in entrepreneurship at age 11 selling handmade hair clips to her friends. She soon realized she wanted most of her products for herself, and her fledgling business flopped. Several years and other ventures–both successful and “for further development”-later, she knows better and is keen on sharing what she has learned about starting and growing a business and everything in between.

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