Handling The Energy Crisis: Pakistan, The First Country To Utilize High-Quality Solar Maps – Observes World Bank

World Bank, in a press release statement, has announced that Pakistan has become the first country in the world to take advantage from top-notch, high-quality and duly authenticated solar maps. The country has accomplished this feat under a global initiative through which it will explore its renewable energy resources much more effectively.

Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) and the World Bank hosted a workshop in Islamabad on Tuesday where the high-quality solar maps were unveiled.

The World Bank strongly believes that Pakistan is now a part of a niche group including majority of the developed countries. Moreover, the country also has the access to sustainable and economical sources of native energy.

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Statement by Key Executives

While speaking about the development, Acting Country Director for the World Bank, Pakistan, Anthony Cholst stated:

“With the costs of solar power having decreased significantly over the past couple of years, Pakistan now has the opportunity to unleash investment in solar energy without the need for subsidies”

He further added:

“The World Bank stands ready to support the federal and provincial governments in realising this objective, alongside the support we are already providing for development of hydro-power sector reform and the strengthening of the transmission grid. It is time to realize the full potential of this clean and secure source of energy”

The Chief Executive Officer of AEBD, Amjad Ali Awan commented:

“These new solar maps will definitely ensure qualified improvement vis-a-vis previous studies, and will underscore the tremendous solar potential that exists across Pakistan”

In addition, he also acknowledged World Bank for its ‘valuable contribution’ to Pakistan’s ‘continued efforts towards scaling up of renewable energy in an affordable and sustainable manner’

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Specifics of Solar Map Project

The project is tipped to ‘facilitate investors in making more informed project decisions’.

According to the press release:

“The maps will help large solar power projects in obtaining commercial financing by reducing the resource risk”

In another statement, the World Bank stated:

“The project supports AEDB’s efforts to harness renewable energy in all the provinces by improving access to bankable data. The solar maps used the latest solar resource modeling techniques, based on 18 years of satellite and global atmospheric data from 1999-2016”

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Nine solar measurement stations have been installed in two years across Pakistan. The stations will enable the solar mapping project in Pakistan to include the field data being produced.

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