First From South Asia, Pakistan Implements Performance Measurement Framework (PMF)

For the first time ever, Department of Auditor General of Pakistan (DAGP) has implemented a Performance Measurement Framework (PMF). It is established by the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (IOSAIs). DAGP has adopted this in order to evaluate the performance of SAIs. The process of self-assessment has been implemented in collaboration with World Bank so that the performance could be apprised in line with international practices. Pakistan has become the first country in South Asia to start this performance measurement framework.

A one day workshop was organized by World Bank for the officials of DAGP on self-assessment of SAI. Moreover, it began the evaluation process using six domains of framework.

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It is an international framework for self, peer, and external assessment of SAI’s performance in comparison with international standards of Supreme Audit Institutions and other renowned practices.

As reported, the participants of the workshop discussed the challenges that SAI Pakistan is facing while meeting all the requirements. Furthermore, the problems AGP faces in developing strategies in complying with the ISSAI framework.

Performance measurement framework will enable SAI to implement this process while also communicating the importance of Supreme Audit Institutions. As a result, it will eventually enhance the credibility of this institution. Therefore, it will create a positive impact on the lives of the citizens of Pakistan. These programs will also increase awareness regarding the value addition and also generate positive word of mouth regarding the work they do.

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Why there is a need for such activity?

According to a spokesperson of DAGP, SAIs need to show to the people of the country the progress in their activities in order to ensure accountability and maintain transparency in procedures. Additionally, they need to present it to the general public about the outputs produced and the outcomes achieved on a regular basis.

The SAI will not only assist the government in improving their performance, fostering transparency and ensuring accountability; but also fight against corruption and create an environment of trust where the interest of the general population is protected.

The overall result of the performance measurement activity will be shared with all the relevant stakeholders including the general public.


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