Pakistan India – The Meme War: Best Pakistani Memes

Internet is a great enabler. We’ve been a witness to the power of it time and again, with the freshest episodes surfacing during the situation at the country’s Eastern borders. Irrespective of how the two governments are dealing with it at the policy level, the recent Pakistan India tiff has brought out an unprecedented meme war. If you’ve ever made the prayer “may the best team win”, well, in that case, Pakistani memes have won this war by a mile!

Of the two brothers, one is blessed with an uncanny wit and and a disarming sense of humor. Now, these could be any two brothers … but with what is about to follow, you’re most likely to agree with us that Pakistan is that brother to a sullen faced India.

Let’s begin the journey of chronicling the best Pakistani memes that set the internet, and the heart of enemy, at fire!

First of all, there’s a self-goal welcome note from our iconic Pir Qaem Ali Shah. I mean how can you go wrong with a welcome note … unless you’re Qaem Ali Shah!

Woohoo! With a bold self goal, Pakistan set the ball rolling indicating that we aren’t really afraid of the game. This was a challenge to the big brother India … you better bring your A game!

India claimed that they downed a Pakistani F-16. But, as usual, failed to support the claim with any evidence. Pakistanis came to the rescue of their Indian brethren and found the F-16 India had struck.

So a day later when the Indian Air Force got a little adventurous, our team was ready!

Not only that our Expendibles were ready, the Aamil Bangali baba’s black magic craft also worked wonders … no kidding!

But what the Pakistanis celebrated like winning of a beloved, the Indians must have felt like a punch!

What added fuel to the fire was the news of the arrest of the Wing Commander of Indian Air Force from the scene of the crash of Indian jet. Indians were livid. Pakistanis were cool, like their usual self.


Ouch …

The reality check!



No great story is complete without the localization of the context … Punjab Police had to feature in!

… as well as the usual mantra of ‘we did it first’!


This guy is forever going to be an India media favourite … not!

At least now India knows she asked for it!

On this side of the border, however, the situation was quite chilled.



The Pakistani meme legacy went to new heights with the homage paid to Adnan Sami Khan for his excellent spy services, the coverage of which is beyond the scope of this post. Couldn’t resist including this one though! :)


Want to add to this story? Send in your favourite memes and we’ll feature them here.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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