Pakistan is one of the fastest growing international markets, says Uber

Uber was a late participant in Pakistan which is No. 6 among the most populated countries in the world. Six months after launching its operation in Lahore in the month of March, the demand for Uber has gone to sky high and it is still increasing.

Uber Pakistan’s head of expansion, Zohair Yousafi, stated:

“Pakistan has been one of Uber’s fastest growing markets globally. In addition, it has been an absolutely amazing ride so far”

He further added:

“Just to see the amount of uptake has been an immensely rewarding feeling”

The hail and ride service recently unlocked Karachi, an urban metropolis with a heavy crowd of over 20 million people. There are ‘several hundred’ drivers already roaming around the roads of Karachi with more coming in daily, added Zohair.

He was further quoted as saying:

“Uber drivers in Pakistan can make almost ten times the official minimum wage”

Zohair did not reveal the actual figures of the active users or assistant requests. However, he said that a ‘large chunk’ of $250 million would be invested in the Middle Eastern part of Pakistan.

Claiming over 1,000 driver partners and 65,000 active users, the strength of Uber service in Lahore has been a great contributor of the overall growth in Pakistan. Zohair affirmed:

“Lahore was one of the fastest growing cities we’ve had across the Middle East and Africa region to reach the volumes it’s reached. Karachi’s gone one step up, it’s been one of the fastest launches we’ve seen anywhere in the world even compared to cities like London and Paris”

Even though the team in Pakistan consists of only four employees, they are looking to ‘hire aggressively.’

Additionally, he was of the view that casual based drivers are signing up on a large scale to drive in the city, much more like in the West. Students, teachers and even engineers use this platform daily as a part-time job to earn enough money to take home.

Profitability and Income

According to the local media, an average Uber drives makes roughly about $1000 on monthly basis. The minimum wage in Pakistan is mere $130. When asked about the massive difference in the payout, Zohair refused to confirm or comment about the data.

On asking about whether Uber is profitable here in Pakistan or not he said:

“We’re still in the investment phase, we’ve just started operations. However, there’s a lot of good we’re seeing here”

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Uber is trying to decisively settle itself. Zohair commented:

“You look at the opportunity, the infrastructure, and Pakistan ticks all the right boxes. There’s a lot more awareness today about digital technology and how to use it”

Moving forward

The twin cities of Pakistan, Islamabad and Rawalpindi are the next targets of the Uber service. Thereafter, Uber will target to expand its services to second rank cities such as Multan, Faisalabad and Hyderabad. Zohair said:

“People in Pakistan are embracing Uber. There are some extremely interesting propositions to be able to bring transportation options to people who don’t have access to them”

Dubai headquartered Careem, with its operations in 29 cities across the country made $60 million in the last year round. It is the only biggest competitor that Uber has. Careem has been providing services longer than Uber in Pakistan.

“Competition is a good thing. It keeps us on our toes and makes us operate to our very best. In the end what you get is a much healthier market with both customers and partners benefitting”

Zohair indicated on the possibility of UberMoto and UberAuto in the country while saying:

“The best is yet to come. We’ve just scratched the surface”

Do you think Uber in Pakistan will be a success in the upcoming years?

Source: TechinAsia

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1 Comment

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