Pakistani Manufacturers Need To Make An Offer China Can’t Refuse – Chinese Ambassador

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Sun Weidong met with Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) President Zubair Tufail and Coordination Committee Chairman Malik Sohail Hussain in Islamabad explaining trade imbalance between the two countries alongside highlighting future business opportunities.

The ambassador emphasized that the Pakistani traders and marketers need to have a better understanding of the Chinese market. A proper roadmap and better understanding of the Chinese market can help bridge the massive trade gap and strengthen the mutual friendship bond between the two counties.

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The most important point highlighted by the ambassador has been that Pakistan can enhance its exports to $35 billion if proper measures are carried out and corresponding strategies are developed.

In an attempt to clear the reservations about China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the insecurity felt by the local business sector in Pakistan, the ambassador outlined that no Chinese companies will be allowed to exploit the business opportunity offered through CPEC.

He said:

“Settling energy crisis in Pakistan is our top priority and we will add 11,000 megawatts of electricity to the national grid as soon as possible through highly efficient power plants.”

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He further added:

“After overcoming the energy crisis, we will develop infrastructure and in the last leg initiate the process of industrialization.”

Weidong also went on and talked about the importance of creating a safe and secure Pakistan that will help local and foreign businesses to thrive.  He said that the security of the economic zones must be ensured by Pakistani agencies so that Chinese experts working in Pakistan could work without any duress. While he was happy about the progress, he remained tight-lipped about the future and maintained that only time will tell how this will turn out in the future.

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Mr. Sun Weidong concluded the meeting by informing that the visa procedures for business people from Pakistan were being looked and changes were soon to be expected. He encouraged the Pakistani business community to participate in exhibitions and seminars in China to understand the Chinese culture better.

The ambassador added that the new trade ties between the two countries will mutually help both countries involved, as well as provide new opportunities to the entire region.

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