Drive a Pakistani truck using your smartphones

Fancy driving a Pakistani truck? You wish is now just one click away as you can install the Pak Truck Driver – 3D, a game which is available on the Google Play Store.

Truck art from Pakistan is renowned across the world for its magnetism and distinctive sense of artistic taste. Trucks are decorated with the paintings all over their bodies from local folk lore that gives them a Pakistani look.

Truck Art is one of the most culturally celebrated forms of art in Pakistan. As Pakistanis, we love everything vibrant and loud. The truck art of Pakistan represents all that more. It’s beautiful how chaotic designs and the distinct form images, scenery, poems and even calligraphy are integrated to create something so elaborate and so stunning.

The trend of truck art has made its way into the fashion and retail industry. A Pakistani developer recently has come up with a truck simulator driving game which is available on the Google Play Store with the name of Pak Truck Driver – 3D. The game has as many as 10,000 download ever since it has been launched. Moreover the game will take 90MB space from your smartphone.

truck 2

Within a certain time period, you will be required to clear the mission to deliver the cargo at a certain location. Not to forget, you will be playing a role of a truck driver. The nature of the game is quite easy as you will be mostly driving on a highway while navigating through light traffics. Options for steering, accelerator pedal and brake/reverse pedal along with a typical pressure horn, which is a must in all the trucks locally, features on the screen.

Cargo becomes more difficult to contain and the game gets harder with every level. With some pros, there are certain cons too. An example in this case is that if your truck goes off the track then it could neither go forward not backward. That is one malfunction which will make it quite difficult for you at times.

Google ads, video pop-up ads and average graphics are some of the turns off but you need to try it at least once. The game represents the true landscape of each province like deserts of Sind and Baluchistan, green fields of Punjab and beautiful mountains of KPK and one of the best travel destinations of world for local and foreign tourists’ i.e. northern areas of Pakistan.


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