Pakistan’s first navigation app geared up to compete with Google maps

A new mapping solution, TPL maps, has emerged in the local technology environment which is Pakistan’s first navigation app. It has been developed by TPL Trakker, a tracking solutions company that claims their app to be the pioneer of digital mapping in Pakistan. TPL Trakker is confidently challenging the dominance of Google Maps with their locally developed navigation app.

TPL Maps is using a highly progressive technology with features such as live traffic updates, real-time routing, smart search and voice navigation options. These services could be utilized at a stretch throughout the travel period.

The CEO of TPL Trakker, Ali Jameel, believes that this app can create a breakthrough in the country. He stated that Pakistan could gain an edge by utilizing the power of Maps for businesses, consumers and the government sector. Ali Jameel also mentioned:

“TPL Maps have been developed indigenously and I firmly believe that these localized mapping solutions will provide a holistic navigational experience to people all over Pakistan. Globally, maps have taken the center stage for e-commerce, fintech, advertising, and games. This is just the beginning of a new era for technology in the country and we are honored to be in the driving seat of this change.”

Massive database of TPL Maps

The database of TPL Maps has been developed after a thorough research of 22,000 hours spanning over last 15 years. A dedicated team of 100 IT and GIS analysts worked extensively to compile 1.5 million points-of- interest (POIs). This figure is higher than any other digital mapping service in the country.

This navigation app has mapped almost the entire country including Kashmir and Gilgit-Balistan as well. Additionally, the team also boasts to contain the largest collection of housing data ever complied in the country. Their database includes one million housing addresses, 1000 3D building models, and 300,000 kilometers of road networks spread across Pakistan.

Service levels need improvement

Despite providing accurate and shortest routes, TPL maps still need to work on a few aspects. For instance, audio navigation and live traffic updates. However, one can give a benefit of doubt to the app as it is still in an infancy stage and need some bug fixing.

We hope it can overcome its current weaknesses and introduce innovative features in the near future. Although it is still a question mark how TPL maps will shake the long standing image of Google maps. As of now, TPL Trakker should set realistic goals of keeping its service levels up to the mark.

You can download this app on Google Play and App Store. Do you look forward to use this application?

Source: Techjuice

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