Ring-Up: Pakistan’s Mobile Service Industry in 2016

Smartphone technology has been the most popular technology that has absolutely revolutionized the way we define connectivity. Almost gone are the days of the landline and as for heading out to the PCO to make a call, well, that’s a distant memory many people don’t even remember now. Every year, mobile phones change the way we interact and communicate with each other. Here’s a report on all that happened in the mobile phone industry of Pakistan in 2016:

According to the most recent reports as issued by the Pakistan Telecom Authority, i.e. the PTA, there are right now a total of 134,911,395 mobile subscribers in Pakistan. This number is 7.2% higher than it was last year.

Ranking of Mobile Service Providers:

Here’s the order in which mobile service providers are currently stacking up against each other:

  1. Mobilink is retaining its position on the top of the pyramid from last year with 40,852,495 subscribers.
  2. Telenor secured the second position once again with a total estimated 38,472,952 subscribers.
  3. Zong is also steadily securing the third position with 26,314,186 subscribers.
  4. Ufone is in the fourth place with 18,799,217 subscribers in its bucket.
  5. And bringing up the rear, Warid is in the fifth position with 10,472,545 subscribers.

Mobile Teledensity

Teledensity, to put it simply, is the number of phone connections per every 100 people living in a certain area. This year, the teledensity in Pakistan is standing at 69.22%. This number was 65.3% last year. As can be seen, there’s a noticeable 3.92% rise in mobile penetration in the country.

Amount of 3G/4G Subscribers

3G and 4G are the third and fourth generation mobile network technologies that are responsible for the internet speed your network service provider provides for you.

The current standings of mobile service providers with regard to internet data services are as follows:

  1. Zong: 3G:  6,680,819| 4G:  1,903,285
  2. Mobilink:   11,779,923
  3. Telenor:  9,237,732
  4. Ufone: 5,245,299
  5. Warid LTE:   599,785


In case there are some more facts you’d like us to add, feel free to ping us or leave a comment. 

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