P@SHA Career Expo 2015 – Happening Now!

In order to bring together the industry and academia, The Pakistani Software Houses (P@SHA) is holding a Career Expo today at Arfa Karim Towers to give the IT industry of Pakistan to tap the best human resources available.

It is refreshing to see the giants of the IT industry like Systems Limited, Confiz Pvt Ltd, Ozi Technology and Avanza Solutions participating in the event and giving a fair chance to professionals and students to showcase their talent.

Various talks and training sessions are being held on how to use social media to land a job in the IT sector. It’s satisfying to see people finally use these modern methods of job search, instead of the conventional way of printing hundreds of CVs and dropping them off at every location you could find, online or offline.

But it’s still a touch disappointing to see so few IT companies participating in the event. And it is mostly fresh graduates who are turning up to drop their resumes and not working professionals.

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