Establishment of IT Parks on The Cards – PCJCCI Reveals

While highlighting the significance of technology in Pakistan, Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) revealed this week, plans of teaming up with international technology leaders. As a result, the move is predicted to provide ample amount of employment opportunities to emerging start-ups in Pakistan. Besides, it will greatly assist in forming an ecosystem thriving on IT parks in Pakistan.

According to the information shared with media by the PCJCCI Spokesperson, the PCJCCI President, Wang Zihai, highlighted the importance of producing research-backed competitive products in the market. He spoke about it exclusively with respect to Pakistan’s point of view. Talking about producing competitive products, he said that Pakistan should adopt and imitate Chinese model of engrossing academics and technocrats in production facilities.

Moreover, he added that the image of Pakistan needs to be improved internationally. The prime benefit of an improved image is going to support the country in securing foreign investments in Pakistan’s IT industry and startups. In addition, more and more technology leaders and experts from around the world will travel to Pakistan. The president also added that CPEC will play a crucial role in assisting Pakistan to obtain economic goals.

PCJCCI Met Chinese Delegation

While meeting the five-member delegation from China’s Jinan University, Wang Zihai briefed the delegation about the intentions of establishing software technology parks in Pakistan. This will diminish the digital divide between the two countries i.e. China and Pakistan. He further added that the universities in China and reputable technology leaders can facilitate Pakistan in this regard.

Head of the Chinese delegation, Zhang Shoufeng, stated that the objective of their visit was to outspread mutual relations with Pakistan. The manufacturing relations between the two countries have now advanced to the stage of knowledge sharing.

In order to accomplish the aforementioned objectives in innovation and technology, the head of the delegation proposed that the Government of Pakistan should emphasize on improving the quality of research which is being conducted in the universities. He said that it is achievable if Pakistan provides adequate resources and expand its sphere.

Fresh graduates and researchers will be permitted to take part actively in adding value to the products which are being shaped in Pakistan. This move was jointly agreed between two countries.


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