Pepsi “Khana Banay Exciting”… New rage in town

Pepsi fanatics have all the more reason to fall in love with the brand yet again as it has given a refreshing twist to its last year’s campaign “Khana Baney Exciting”. The campaign was a huge success a year ago and this time round the excitement levels are simply unmatchable! This TVC is a shout out to all the foodies in town to grab a Pepsi and make your meal times super fun. Be it a bland pizza or not so appetizing burger, a Pepsi on the side will make it flavorful. Last year the campaign was focused on similar theme and hence connected with the audience. This year, the makers decided to excite and spice it up with the biggest stars of the country.


Pepsi and Fawad Khan … couldn’t be better than this!!

With winter round the corner Pepsi has surely hooked up a celebrity which can rise some temperatures, yes you guessed it right it is Fawad Khan, the biggest celebrity of Pakistan in recent times. The advertisement has a very youthful and refreshing feel and Syra Shehroz is adding more sweetness to the campaign with her girl next door image. Shehzad Noor is also seen in the commercial along with the two superstars.


The TVC shows good food uplifts your mood as Fawad Khan is using a Pepsi to change the surrounding as well. The flat tasteless pizza turns into a super moist cheesy meal with just a tap of pepsi on the side. The concept gels well with the image of the star as he is known to make his projects exciting by simply his presence. Check out more exciting details at #MealsTurnExciting Other stars such as Shoaib Malik and Mawra Hocane have also shared their pictures and how Pepsi makes their meal time exciting.


Social media bloggers with Syra Shehroz at the launch

Pepsi honored the importance of Social media by unveiling the first look of the TVC to the bloggers exclusively by hosting a dinner at Mews. The event included Pepsi’s new #KhanaBaneyExciting’ television commercial along with some fun behind the scenes with the stars and its making.


Syra Shehroz made the event more glamorous with her presence as she socialized with the bloggers and enjoyed the scrumptious meal at the launch. The association of Pepsi and good food is undeniable and this exciting TVC will surely eliminate boredom as sported by Fawad Khan in one of his images from the campaign.

You can have a crack at the TVC by clicking here.

Social media is playing a pivotal role in escalating the new rage as fans are caught on with more behind the scenes stories on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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