Perkup, a Customer loyalty and engagement platform, raises PKR 1.5 Crore in Seed Funding

Founded back in January 2015, PerkUp, a startup providing customer loyalty and engagement platform, raised PKR 1.5 Crore in seed funding round led by DotZero Ventures and followed by Crescent Ventures. Considering that it’s only been a year since it started its operation, the success is overwhelming.

PerkUp provides an affordable and customized platform for merchants of all types to run loyalty and customer engagement programs.  It automatically uses data to increase return rate of new customers and re-engage lost customers on their birthdays and anniversaries etc. It also enables merchants to segment the customers into various groups and send them targeted offers while tracking redemptions alongside. PerkUp also has a dedicated support team that provides 24/7 support to these merchants.

Bilal Lakhani from DotZero Ventures has joined PerkUp as a Board of Director while Hassan Qureshi has joined as the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

DotZero was founded 3 years ago, and has provided office space, mentoring and networking to approximately 50 startups since then. The companies incubated under it have raised $20 million in total seed funding so far with annual revenues revenues between $10-$20 million. Over 250 employees in total are working under these companies and most of them are software engineers. The President of DotZero Ventures, Yusuf Jan, has the following to say about PerkUp:

Engagement, branding, differentiating products, striking emotional chords with consumers, cultivating identity, attachment and trust to inspire customer loyalty – a typical day at PerkUp! We saw substance and passion in co-founders Abdullah and Hassan. Their execution has been phenomenal – sprinters who will win marathons!

Crescent Ventures is also an incubator for startups from different industries. It plans and develops sustainable businesses that are not only financially sustainable but are also socially conscious and environmentally friendly. Humayun Mazhar, the CEO of Crescent Ventures, said:

We feel PerkUp’s all-in-one loyalty and marketing platform not only fills an existing need for small scale retail merchants but will also offer enhancement in such programs already used by large retailers. Furthermore, the ease of deployment backed up by a team of passionate and enterprising founders will establish PerkUp as a market leader in this space.

The co-founders, Abdullah Soomro and Hassan Qureshi, themselves were pretty excited about the opportunity, and said:

PerkUp is a loyalty and customer engagement platform which is focused on improving on merchant’s bottom-line. The response so far has been nothing short of amazing, among both the merchants and their customers. Merchants like our platform because it is based on a solid marketing framework, is easy-to-use and can be setup in minutes.

Abdullah Soomro is also the Co-Director of Founder Institute and is a serial entrepreneur who has founded many startups before too. Hassan Qureshi too has got incredible experience behind his back is the Director of Founder Institute’s Karachi Chapter and also serves as the CEO of Carimson Commerce. So these guys know what they are doing.

PerkUp is currently utilizing this funding to scale its team, solidify its product and enhance its merchant network. It has now 25 employees, up from 4 just a few months back in December 2015. It has taken on board over 30 merchants from Karachi including Cosmopolitan, Burger Lab, Nadia Hussain, Hobnob, the New York Pizza, Allenora by Annie’s, Donutz Gonutz, Suzuki IG Motors.

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