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Pakistan Innovation Foundation Announced 2016 National Innovation Award Winners


3 months ago


Islamabad: At its 3rd Annual Pakistan Innovation Forum on December 8, Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF) announced Pakistan’s second National Innovation Awards for individuals and institutions that have excelled in delivering the most innovative products, services and solutions. PIF reserves the award for those individuals and organizations that had gone against the tide to innovate and build something from the ground up.

The title of the conference was INNOVATORS OF TOMORROW. The conference sought to showcase and promote innovators who proved that innovation and hard work can help people succeed far quicker than they could ever imagine.

The conference was attended by around 50 innovators from all across the country. It gave them the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase their ideas and creativity.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister – Dr. Miftah Ismail, who is also the Chairman of Board of Investment – was the guest of honor at the ceremony. Other guests of prominence included Mr. Saad Amanullah Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Innovation Foundation and Dr. Abdul Bari Khan of Indus Hospital.

The Conference was attended by corporate leaders, government officials, and civil society representatives who enjoyed the remarkable projects including a full-motion F-16 Flight simulator, Pakistan’s First Formula Electric Car, virtual cricket, and several other exhibits from science and engineering students from all across the country.

Special Category Awards:

PIF presented its Special Young Innovative Talent Award to Dr. Abdul Bari Khan of Indus Hospital as well as to Usman Riaz who is a senior TED Fellow and creator for Sheesha Gar. System Teknologies International AND PNEC-NUST Formula Electric Car tied for “Innovator of the Year Award”.

General category Awards:

Winners of PIF’s General category Award included Telenor, UBL, TCS, BISP, Forward Sports, Indus Hospital, Zaheen Machines, Habib University, Numaish Karachi, Invest2Innovate, British Council’s ILMPOSSIBLE, and Aman Ambulances.


  • a) Corporate Innovation: TCS (Winner), Telenor (Runnerup)
  • b) Education Innovation: British Council’s ILMPossible (Winner), Multinet’s meraSABAQ (Runnerup)
  • c) Health Innovation: Indus Hospital (Winner), doctHERS (Runnerup)
  • d) Government Innovation: BISP (Winner), PITB (Runnerup)
  • e) Agri+Rural: Telenor Kushhal Zamindar (Winner), Pakistan Agriculture Council’s Agri-Mandi (Runnerup)
  • f) Most Innovative University or Programme: Habib University (Winner), and School of    Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME-NUST) (Runnerup)
  • g) Finance/Fintech Innovation: UBL (Winner), INNOV8 (Runnerup)
  • h) Industrial Innovation: Forward Sports (Winner), SPEL Group (Runnerup)
  • i) Social/Development Innovation: Invest2Innovate (Winner), The Reading Room Project (Runnerup)
  • j) Civic Innovation: Aman Ambulances (Winner), Painting the Walls of Karachi (Runnerup)
  • k) Art+Design Innovation: Numaish Karachi (Winner), Patari (Runnerup)
  • l) Most Innovative Technology Startup: Zaheen Machines (Winner), Rozee.pk (Runnerup)

References: www.pif.org.pk 

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