Plan9 celebrated Pakistan’s Independence Day by holding ‘Pakistani Startups Making Waves’ event

Plan9 is Pakistan’s first technology startup incubation program and it is being run by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). Plan9 recently celebrated the Independence Day of Pakistan by holding ‘Pakistani Startups Making Waves’ event. The idea of the occasion was to showcase some of Pakistan’s top startups that are doing well in country’s progression.

Chairman of PITB, Umar Saif, while addressing the audience stated:

“For quite some time now, Pakistan has produced exceptional startups who have raised considerable investment. Our aim is to bring them together on one stage so they may help motivate and inspire budding entrepreneurs”

Top Pakistani entrepreneurs graced the event

An event was held to celebrate to Pakistan’s 69th Independence Day which was powered by ATX+PAK Launch Entrepreneurship Program. Through this event, top Pakistani startups secured much-needed limelight. Furthermore, Plan9 managed to bring country’s top 5 entrepreneurs on a single platform. They were:

1- Husnain Sheikh, Chairman and CEO of Inov8
2- Imran Ali Khan, Co-founder of
3- Monis Rehman, Chairman and CEO of Naseeb Networks and respectively
4- Qasif Shahid, Co-founder and CEO of Finja
5- Suneel Munj, Co-founder of

Nabeel Qadeer was the moderator of the aforementioned panel. Established entrepreneurs shared their success stories and insight with the audience about their ventures. Moreover, they also told the audience how they managed to gather funding for their initiatives.

Statement of entrepreneurs

Chairman and CEO of Inov8, Husnain Sheikh said:

“Inov8 was a failure till 2008. We persevered, you have to get through the tough times. Unless you fail, I don’t think you can succeed. It’s how you reinvent yourself”

While addressing the emerging startups in the audience, Monis Rehman stated:

“Your future is bright, as international investors are looking to invest in Pakistan. You are in the right place at the right time”

Qasif Shahid, who recently raised $1 million in seed funding, spoke on the significance of Fintech startup:

“FinTech on phones will make online payments much easier. FinTechs startups will come out on top”

Co-founder of, Suneel Munj emphasized on the importance of sales. While addressing the audience, he commented:

“It’s all about sales and revenue. Making some rupees is better than stating millions on an excel sheet. For most of us sales is a zero sum game, for me, sales is a positive sum game”

The alumni startups of Plan9 which includes Patari, Car Butlers, Car Chabi, WifiGen, Transparent Hands, Vivid Technologies, and Affordable were also present on the occasion. Some of them also took the center stage to talk about how they build their startups.

Humayun Haroon of Patari gave a million dollar advice to all startups. He affirmed:

“Give your brand a personality”

The youth of Pakistan is talented enough to transform their ideas into realities. However, they are always in search of platforms where they can be guided about the future. Events like these will help them getting mentorship from established entrepreneurs along with a proper roadmap.

Do you think these events should take place on regular basis to motivate and inspire the budding entrepreneurs of Pakistan?

image credit: Plan9Incubator/facebook.

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