Plan9 Launches “CEO Baithak” in Collaboration with PITB

Plan9, the Pakistan’s Largest Technology Incubator, has launched CEO Baithak, an event that is designed to attract industry experts with young entrepreneurs in the audience. The event invites budding entrepreneurs to share their business ideas with experts and Influencers. Plan9’s CEO Baithak, aims at empowering young entrepreneurs and investing their powers and creativity in order to foster a creative work environment.

About Plan9

Since its inception in August 2012, Plan9 has incubated over 118 startups. It is Pakistan’s Largest Technology Incubator and a project of Punjab Information Technology Board. Its aim is to give budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to change their innovative ideas into business realities using technology as a key enabler. Over the years, it has evolved into a whole dominion for innovation and entrepreneurship along the lines of the Silicon Valley model, with impact all over Pakistan.

Inaugural Event

The Plan9 Baithak initiative was officially launched at a special event on Dec. 09, 2016 at The Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore. Mr. Miftah Ismail, the Minister of State/Chairman Board of Investment, was the guest speaker at the event. The majority of the audience consisted of budding entrepreneurs looking to start their own startups. During the session, Mr. Ismail shared inspirational stories and insights on his life experiences and how he’s achieved major milestones of his career.

“You should be able to avail the first mover advantage to be known as the innovator. No matter how good the idea is, if you are not able to market it well, it won’t be a success. It is essential that your idea is original and not a rip off of another’s. You should be able to explain your idea in just 4-5 minutes maximum. You should be an expert at it as that is the maximum attention span an investor/customer has,” Mr. Miftah Ismail told the participants of the event.

As the hour ticked by, there was an interactive session on investment and business opportunities in Pakistan and it showed a healthy spirit of questioning. The overall session remained quite motivating to young and aspiring entrepreneurs with him giving his feedback to the queries raised by the audience, followed by Plan9 startups pitching their business ideas to him.

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