Plan9 launches Tech-Knowledge campaign

The plight of the education sector of Pakistan is finally heard, courtesy Plan9, the tech incubator wing of Punjab information technology Board (PITB). In collaboration with ILM ideas, Plan9 has recently launched a campaign Tech-Knowledge to support innovative startups in the educational sector. Tech-knowledge campaign will play a vital role in the Ed-Tech domain by inducting innovative solutions to uplift the educational infrastructure.

In order to meet these objectives, Plan9 has launched this campaign with a two pronged approach: tech-knowledge startups and tech-knowledge hunters. The first part of the campaign focuses on identifying and hiring Ed-Tech startups. As far as the second part is concerned, it is based on selecting ambassadors from various educational institutes to represent Plan9 and ‘hunt’ for the most innovative Ed-Tech startups.

The primary objective of Plan9 is to provide a platform to technopreneurs and assist startups to revive this sector. As a result, it will increase the overall exposure and awareness in this industry. A three step mission is set by ILM Ideas 2:

1. Explore the opportunities identified by Plan9’s extensive Network Partnership Programme
2. Create and sustain a strong ambassador base that would not only increase the reach but also create awareness
3. Scout for Ed-Tech startups through the available network of startups in the circle of Plan9

The Launch

The campaign was initiated on 25th August where alumni Ed-Tech startups participated and shared their experiences. Additionally, the seasoned professionals talked about the culture in the Ed-Tech domain.

The chairman PITB, Dr. Umar Saif, while speaking at the launch said:

“The only way to utilize the skills of this huge population is to enable them to become entrepreneurs”

Furthermore, he stressed the significance of technology as it can make education more interesting and widespread. He also highlighted the efforts of PITB to promote education tech sector while also encouraging the youth to come forward. He further stated:

“More than the money these ventures make, it is the impact they have on our lives. Apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat has completely changed our communication medium. These small things have the ability to change the world and I believe you are no different than these people”

Director Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development PITB, Nabeel A. Qadeer, shared his views by stating:

“It is important to create awareness among university students to monetize through start-ups. Attracting the right stakeholders in Ed-Tech domain is important which is why we have started this campaign”

While exhibiting her complete support, ILM representative Sarra Latif stated:

“The education sector needs you to pitch in new ideas but you must bring innovation and it is through innovation we hope to transform the way education is delivered to young children”

Hack-a-thon drive

Plan9 is rolling out Network Partnership visits in partner universities where they will get access to their best students termed as ‘Hunters’. This ‘Road Trip’ starts from Lahore, moving to Islamabad and eventually will end in Karachi. The execution has already begun from Lahore and the next stop is Islamabad in a few weeks.

Hack-a-thons would be carried out in these universities to recruit start-ups by giving them real life simulations. In this drive, a real life Ed-Tech problem will be given and the participants will have to come up with a practical solution. Subsequently, this exercise will foster interaction and promote innovation. An initial session has been started with the Ed-Tech startup network that has received positive response from the social media.

Plan9 and ILM Ideas 2 hope to identify a significant number of startups before they start filtering them out for the final incubation in October.

Do you think such initiatives create a significant impact on the Ed-Tech infrastructure in particular and the education sector in general?

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