Planning to Quit Your Job For Freelancing? Read This

Disclaimer: I’ve been writing content for the past 4 years and have never been so honest about the experience and information as I’ve been in this piece.

Reading this blog may result in one of the two outcomes; either you will write that resignation you’ve been meaning to post or you will start cherishing the job you currently have.

To begin with, I am an independent Tech journalist and Freelance Consultant, working in the domains of Tech PR, Content Marketing and, Social Media. My work has been featured in some leading tech publications like VentureBeat, TheNextWeb and, Entrepreneur.com. I also run my personal Tech community by the name of Tech Geeks Pakistan which I recently turned into a Video publication platform. Before this freelancing and entrepreneurial journey, I have more than 4 years of experience where I worked for 3 different companies including startups and MNCs.

The journey of my full-time freelance career started when I left my last company, Aplos Innovations. It was my full-time job that turned ugly for so many reasons and I decided to bid farewell to it. Today it’s been 9 months and I’ve never been happier.

During these 9 months, many people took me as an inspiration for “living the dream of Entrepreneurship” and showed their interest to do the same. It seems all glitter, I get that. Whenever someone tells me how they have been fascinated by the idea of working on their own, I always nod with a smile and say, yes, it’s the most exciting thing ever.

With all these motivational sessions happening (where I am invited as well) to make you “Your own boss”, no one tells the other side of the story. No one told me as well, the side that isn’t fancy at all.

Freelancing is not everyone’s cup of tea and when I say this, I mean it with all my heart. Most of us get fascinated by this lifestyle because we hate our boss or maybe it’s exciting to work on your own terms. Let me tell you, it’s not a walk in the park. It’s a decision that you should take after measuring all the ins and outs. I’ll hover over them as bluntly as possible.

Let’s talk glitter first.

  1. You become your own boss and work on your own set of conducts.
  2. You have the liberty to ditch 9 to 5 stagnation and work according to your own schedule.
  3. You can work on THAT idea that doesn’t let you sleep
  4. The learning doesn’t stop. With diversified clients and companies, your learning curve never comes down.
  5. You can earn in $$$ if you are working for clients globally
  6. You travel (my personal favorite) and that too without asking for leaves
  7. You work from anywhere and everywhere and that too in your Pajamas
  8. You don’t want to work someday? Take an off and watch that movie
  9. You become active in attending/hosting events because you manage your working hours responsibility on your own.
  10. Also, you build a future based on your choices not on someone’s deadlines.

These are just a few amazing things that come with freelancing, I can go on and on and they won’t end. If anyone of you has experienced it, you feel the fresh air I am talking about. The other side of the story is not based on “Cons”, because there aren’t any, to be honest. There are struggles and hindrances that sometimes will make you doubt your decision.

  1. Forget that paycheck on 2nd date of every month. Also, trust me that you will realize what it means when you stop getting it.
  2. There will be months that make you feel like Pablo Escobar and then there will be months that make you think twice before buying a cup of coffee.
  3. There is nothing like ‘working hours’. If there is a meeting that you need to attend according to Pacific time zone, you have to ditch that hangout to make yourself available.
  4. For most organizations and embassies, freelancing is not a career. You do not exist for them if you do not have that job appointment letter, no matter how shitty the company is.
  5. The payments? They do not come that easily unless you are using an escrow. You keep waiting for that petty transfer from the client that should have been done months ago.
  6. The Environment, that gang, those gossips – Bid farewell to everything. Even if you are using a co-working space, it is not going to last for much longer because you are not bound to see them every day.
  7. Some mornings, demotivation will cover you up and you won’t feel like continuing it because there is no boss to give you a threat call but believe me, a pissed-off client is worse than a pissed-off boss.
  8. The respect – Where some people will call you over to take inspiration and admire your liberty, some of them will be like “You don’t work? Remote jobs? It’s not a career, man! Apply at Unilever, they have openings.”

So, this is a two-way street that has a lot of traffic coming from both sides. It’s hard but you have to weigh what you prefer. A normal tight-hours job where you are running a mill without your will? Or, A life where you build the mill and run it as per your will.

I chose the latter :)

P.S. If you want to talk to me regarding anything related, send me a message and I’ll be happy to wave back :)

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