PlanX organizes a Demo Day for Startups in Pakistan

PlanX organizes a Demo Day for Startups in PakistanPlanX organizes a Demo Day for Startups in Pakistan

PlanX successfully held a demo day this Thursday to showcase fresh talent in Pakistan and encourage young startups to illusrate their innovations.

Madeeha Hassan & Qasim Zafar, the co-founders of Savaree

Madeeha Hassan & Qasim Zafar, the co-founders of Savaree

Savaree, a carpooling platform in Pakistan, was seen busy wooing the passer-byers with their new stickers and bookmarks. It was interesting to see them revamp their logo and come up with a new marketing strategy to attract more customers. Madeeha, the founder of Savaree, revealed that they have launched Savaree’s app on Android but they haven’t publicized it yet.


Syed Hassan Ali from Transparent Hands at the Demo Day

Right across the hall, there was more to feast your eye. Perhaps one of the most innovative social enterprises in Pakistan, Transparent Hands aims to provide complete transparency between donors and patients. This way donors can track how their donation was used and which patient received it. The impact of the donation is also communicated to the donor so that the donor is left to figure out in the blue where his donations went. Because when you are thinking about making a donation to some social cause, the first thing that comes to your mind is if your money is actually going to reach the person you are trying to help. With Transparent Hands, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Stalls of E-Catalog, Sehat Zindagi & Active Shehri booming with visitors

Stalls of E-Catalog, Sehat Zindagi & Active Shehri booming with visitors

Active Shehri, a local databank for education, employment, health and sanitation, law enforcement, legal manipulation and criminal activities in your region, just got accepted into the incubation cycle by the Social Innovation Lab in LUMS, and was seen educating interested candidates about its software at the PlanX Demo Day.

Javed Zahoor, the CTO of the award-winning app ‘Appography’ recently renamed to Vivid Technologies, also explained how his app can transform customer service not only in Pakistan but worldwide.

Faizan Khan, the co-founder and CFO of another award-winning app, Travly, revealed that he’s planning to travel to the United States to get more funding for his product.

Other dignitaries included Muhammad Ahmed Khalid, the CEO of XGear, and Hamza Abbas Bakhsh, the CEO of AutoGenie.Pk. XGear is an incubatee of Plan9 and deals with real-time and historical tracking of the current and past location and speed of your vehicle, along with the trip summary and live updates about the vehicles’ state and functioning. It also allows you to monitor the driver behavior and reduce your fuel costs by up to 30% by mitigating your idle time.

The founders of Verify For You promoting their product

The founders of Verify For You promoting their product

Impressed? There’s more. Verify For You is all set to revolutionize the consumer goods industry. It implements a code on the products of its selected partners, which once scratched reveals a 16-digit hidden code to verify whether the product you are using is expired or not. This code can then be either sent as an SMS to 800200, verified via Android or iOS apps or via a direct call. In effect, this startups aims to solve problems of counterfeiting and product-tampering and it will work with the industry to ensure a cleaner supply chain.

Rizma Farooq from Shopistan.pk at the event

Rizma Farooq from Shopistan.pk at the event

Shopistan.pk, a managed e-commerce services provider, was also present at the event showcasing its latest omni-channel engine and its recently launched marketplace ‘Woop’. As the online brand manager for Pakistan’s top fashion brands and a recently launched electronic store, Rizma was seen busy searching potential business partners for Shopistan at the event.

Another prominent startups at the event included Smac Factory, an integrated social & mobile analytics cloud to derive business innovation, BookWorm, a free-of-cost swap service for books, and Ghar Bazaar, a service that delivers all your needed grocery items to your doorstep within 4-5 days.


Farhan Ahmad, the CTO of GrabDeals.pk showcasing his stall

Want to eat out but low on budget? Don’t worry, there’s a solution for that too. Grabdeals.pk aims to replicate its peer site in India by being the ultimate Groupon for Pakistan. It allows location-based marketing for its clients and seeks to be the No.1 discount e-tailer in the country.


KiaSceneHai.pk’s stall at the event

And as one of the most promising event marketing startups in Pakistan, KiaSceneHai.pk provides information about latest events in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. It allows you to book tickets for these events online. It’s unclear though how it plans to beat Facebook Events, which renders its model redundant.

It will be interesting to see how these startups take themselves to the next level as they apply for funding from investors.


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