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Proven Content Strategies to Elevate ROI for Your Individual Consulting Business

Reputation is the terminal mainstay for the success of your online business. You already know it.

How you present yourself online is how you sell consulting services.

Your Facebook posts, tweets, website content, and newsletters act as your voice, and your niche authority is built by how intelligently you market ‘YOU’ to your customers.

I’ve seen this – Trying for long-term gain and building your authority always pays off.

I often mention Backlinko, Jeff Bullas, Matthew Woodward‘s strategy.

And takeaways?

If you want to be a brand online, you must go with content marketing.

The elementary formula is pretty straightforward; You market comprehensive guides to help others, and in turn, people may seek your consulting services.

That’s the bottom line.

No hidden gem. No trick. No game.

Short tricks?


Neither I take them, nor I recommend.

Maybe, you rely more on cold calling, email blast, and/or Adwords services, but if executed properly, content marketing tends to be the most compelling personal branding channel than anything else.

According to a study, 79 percent of UK marketers advocate content strategy, but 42 percent of them don’t have an editorial mission statement documented, which, in turn, leads to marketing catastrophes.

Well, reportedly, 37 percent of marketers do it willingly with a plan. It does mean that with the immense competition and limited resources, gaining visibility delivering uniqueness of your brand can really be a challenge for you. In such a scenario, using prominent content marketing to nourish new and existing client-base can be the key to get your ROI.

How would you proceed with it?

Here are a couple of tips to get you started in the content marketing game the quicker way.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Like numerous consulting websites, I’m pretty sure you’re already working with a blog section. Just sign-in into the analytics dashboard and check the engagement metrics.

What do you see? Not the impressing statistics? Don’t panic… You’re not alone.

Now, what you need to do is start perceiving the content through the customers’ perspective?

Practically, this is the number one priority on this list. This will thoroughly transform the content strategy you’ve been following for years till now.

Goal: Creating worthy content for customers to educate them the better way. It implies to write what they want to go through. Content that spreads awareness, make their understanding better of the subject, and then if they want to use your services, they can.

You may already have good services, but your brand should cultivate the needs of the consumers.

Target the inside areas to furnish to the customers’ necessities to allow a business opportunity with them.

If you’re selling WordPress development services, you can guide customers by ideas alike why to accumulate a customized WP theme instead of using pre-built themes. This sort of idea will deliver high-paying gigs on the table if you’ve created the post, including all drawbacks of a free-to-use WP theme for clients’ business, security concerns, SEO effects, and load-time issues.

But a freelancer providing WP/Shopify development services coming up with this kind of post –


It’s not like trying to drag enterprise clients. Only mommy bloggers would love to go through this kind of basic stuff.



While, Mike Butcher, a WordPress developer, though not a frequent blogger, talked about very specific developers’ problems.


It’s like trying to make connections with other developers.

All the hard work you do to make strong connections pays off.


I would like you to see Matthew Howells’s art of educating and selling services to his customers. Matthew Howell is a digital marketing consultant and helps his clients to earn the links from some of the biggest websites.

On one of his posts, he outlined a step-by-step process for getting approved for contribution to The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Inc, Vice, Mashable, HBR, and Forbes, etc.



The ROI aspect of this post?

If a potential client who comes across this post and he wishes to get featured of such giant players but couldn’t make his own, he can hire Matthew for the job.

Isn’t it that simple?

Don’t write something just because everybody else (your competitor) is embracing text, visual, and audio content.

SIN #1. Don’t create content without any purpose. Consider customers, your expertise, and using supporting tools to help you automate things is crucial to success for your content strategy.

SIN #2. Creating irrelevant content that is far away from what you do. Learn what the customers want to know will help you figure out the editorial calendar each month.

Final Words…

If you are attempting to get the first couple of potential clients, you need to recall yourself that first impression leads to the career-defining outgrowths. Therefore, even before you start branding in full swing, you should outline a clear roadmap rather than going with a bit of luck.

Once you spring assertively, you’ll somewhere need to sharing responsibilities. Let’s say it be a link builder to back content marketing, a freelance writer, or a blog editor; you also need to learn how to onboard and train new members.

I think this is the moment you need to grow your business. Is content marketing there in your list?

Please let me know in the comment zone.

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