PTA Introduces New Online Complaint Management System To Improve Telcos Service

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced a new complaint management system to ensure better quality of services to the telecom consumers by providing them a complaint lodge facility at the PTA portal. The measure is expected to push the telecom operators to resolve consumer complaints about the quality and operations of mobile communications at the earliest.

You may have experienced this yourself — sometimes our complaints are not heard by the telecom operator, or it may take longer than expected. The all-new service that PTA has introduced resolves consumer complaints about telecom products and network services. Moreover, the consumer support service allows users to lodge telecom complaints against their service providers.

According to an official statement released by PTA, if you are a telecom consumer and you are not satisfied with services being provided by your respective telecom firm, you can lodge a complaint at any of the touch points provided at the portal: Contact Details of Telecom Licensees

The new service also ensures that if you have already filed a complaint with your service provider and you are still unhappy with how your complaint is handled, or it has taken too long to be taken care of, you may contact PTA through following details: Contact Details of CPD/PTA Zonal Offices

In addition, PTA offers more secure and convenient method to lodge your complaints by launching an online form: Online Form. These sweeping changes will ensure that customers have a seamless experience every time they reach out for support. For all the other methods, download the complaint form here: Complaint Form English (PDF)

PTA  is a government authority that aims to strengthen cooperation in telecom sector, evaluate existing information and communication technologies that meet the objectives of both telecom operator and media content producer, expand cooperation with regards to information management practices, frame laws to protect consumer interest, encourage investment in telecom infrastructure, and provide productive and competitive environment for the operators; to ensure the growth of the telecom industry.

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