PTA to Unveil Mobile App Award Winners in a Ceremony on 31st January

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is ready to declare the winners for the Mobile App Awards. In the race to win the best application award, developers have designed applications to aid disabled people in performing the simple and necessary functions of everyday life just by using their smartphones.

The event will be held on 31st January 2017 and it will be graced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif.

PTA and Internet Society (ISOC) Asia-Pacific Bureau had initiated “Pakistan Mobile App Awards” in a joint effort with Ministry of IT and Telecom, Telenor and Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP).

The current year’s topic for the award has been “Embracing Mobile Accessibility“. It was aimed to concentrate on the advancement of mobile applications aiming to help Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Pakistan.

The Mobile App Awards were launched in order to promote the advantages of technology and to promote digital inclusion while helping people with disabilities along with it.

The deadline for application submission for participation was 25th August 2016. However, 10th December, 2016 was the last date to submit the developed applications.

Each and every candidate was relegated with coaches/facilitators who guided them in the application development.

Out of the 30 submitted applications, PTA has received only 11 developed apps in various categories. However, there have been no apps developed for people with hearing disabilities.

Chairman PTA, Syed Ismail Shah said that he believes that this will help disabled people to live like every other person with the assistance of cell phones that could empower them to do shopping, selling, submitting their utility bills and speaking with other people for regular matters.

Telenor Pakistan will broaden budgetary support of the prize money. First prize for the winner will be Rs 300,000. The candidate who will grab the second position would get Rs 200,000. The winner for the third prize will be given Rs 100,000. In addition, two consolation awards each of Rs 50,000 will be presented.

Some of the apps submitted for the awards are listed below along with some description of their function and how these applications will help the disabled people.

Pocket Directorate

This application is for people who are visually impaired. With this application, the visually impaired people can ask the app for directions by using their voice. Ultimately, the app will process the voice and give directions to the user. This app is completely voice controlled and doesn’t require any form of physical buttons.


Visual impairment makes life very hard for a person. It prevents millions of people from leading an impaired life. As cataract is one of the main causes of blindness. This app provides a cataract detection and diagnosis system at a very low price.

Control eye

This application will work as an alternative for spectacles for people with low vision. Google cardboard will be used as a supporting platform.

Get a side

This is a sensor based application which aims to make blind people walk easily without the help of any other person. The app uses signals from the device which are transmitted to the device through a wearable Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth device is fixed in the ear through which signals can be transferred to the application in the phone. With the help of the Bluetooth device, the person won’t have to start the application every time he/she wants to walk. The application will be functioning all the time. If any obstacle arrives, the application will guide the person to move left or right where necessary. If a person is facing some stairs, the sensor will detect them and direct the person to go up or down.

Tell me

The fundamental reason for this android application is to acknowledge visually impaired people what is happening around them. It is essentially a voice.

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