PTCL Introduces High Speed EVO CharJi Wingle and Cloud in Less Rates

PTCL has announced new devices with packages in its CharJi EVO wireless devices lineup, which is getting fame in public due to its impressive speeds and quality, unlike other PTCL devices in the past like EVO Wingle and Cloud.

According to a press release by PTCL, the new packages will let wireless broadband customers to enjoy high speed internet in economical rates and less upfront costs as compared to the prior packages.

PTCL has introduced a new CharJi Wingle device and CharJi Wifi Cloud device. CharJi Wingle device starts with 20GB data limit, which asks for 1,800 rupees per month. Higher speed costs in CharJi Wingle devices go up to 6,000 per month. Extra data bundles can be activated for 500 rupees per 5GB. The upfront cost of CharJi Wingle is 2,500 rupees.

CharJi Cloud device is now available in 3,500 rupees.

Both devices support up to 10 devices on the WiFi connection. They have MicroSD Card sharing over the web, which can be accessed and customized by simply typing the IP address from the web browser.

CharJi Wingle and Cloud is now available for sale for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

PTCL Chief Commercial Officer Adnan Shahid said in a statement that PTCL is well aware of the effects and benefits of high-speed internet on the well-being of social and economic domains.

CharJi devices from PTCL has impressed the users so far. The speeds can reach up to 36Mbps, depending upon the signal strength in different areas.

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