New Vehicle Transfer System: The Number is Yours, Even When The Car Is No Longer

As an initiative under the Safe City Project Punjab, Punjab’s Excise and Taxation Department (E&TD) is working upon a new vehicle transfer system. The new vehicle transfer system, a lifetime owner-based vehicular registration number system, is going through its final stages of development and is going to be launched during the current year.

Hassle-free vehicle transfer system

The brand new vehicle transfer system which will come with the following:

1- Car registration smart card
2- Universal number
3- New number plate

As the system is launched, a person will get a smart card instead of a registration book at the time of purchasing a vehicle. A vehicle owner will get registration number for lifetime and every time someone sells a vehicle, only the data of the vehicle will be transferred to the new owner while the vehicle’s registration number will remain with the previous owner. The new buyer will have to get hold of a new number plate. It is pertinent to mention that this entire process will have no charges.

As shared by Punjab E&TD Director General Akram Ashraf Gondal, the department is working upon linking the smart book with the number plates to get exact data of any vehicle in a single click. He also revealed that the department is working on a mobile app to provide this facility to general public for checking ownership of a vehicle before sale and purchase.

Subsequently, it will make life easier, convenient and the process will be simple for the car owners. Moreover, they will not have to go through lengthy transfer process at the time of selling their vehicle. As a part of the process, the records of Motor Branch of Excise and Taxation will also be upgraded.

No room for corruption

Sufficient steps are being taken to ensure the transparency of the system. This will also counter the vehicle mafia by eradicating imitation from Punjab Excise and Taxation Department. It will eliminate all the possibilities of exploitation among excise data entry operators and Key Punch Operators (KPO).

The Department of Excise and Taxation earlier decided to issue a universal numbers of cars. This would have diminished the massive queues of citizens at the department’s offices and it would also have lessened their work load. However, they decided against it and instead agreed to launch a new system.

The work is already in progress and the entire vehicle transfer system will be officially launched in the middle of 2017.

Do you think this will ease the lives of vehicle owners?

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