Ransomware Attacks: India-Pakistan Cyber Warfare Reaches New Heights

The cybersecurity firm from Pakistan, Tier3 has recently published a report unearthing the cyber security hazards in Pakistan. The main finding of the report has been the revelation that the hackers from India are primarily responsible for the mainstream ransomware attacks in Pakistan.

During the last 12 months, as many as 80% of the ransomware attacks in Pakistan have been from India. The cyber war between the two rival countries continues to augment and get intense with every passing day.

The Russian security firm, Kaspersky Lab stated:

“At least some of the activity appears tied to the availability of educated and skilled code developers in India and within neighboring countries, like Bangladesh”

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What are Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomware is derived from ‘Ransom Malicious Software’. It is generally used by the hackers for monetary gains. Ransomware attacks essentially lock down the phones or a PC of an individual and in return they are asked to pay specific amount to get the control back. One of its key example is Locky Malware.

The ecosystem of Ransomware is frequently evolving around the world. As a result, everyone from script kiddies to high level skilled developer has been involved in some kind of cyber pressure on some levels.

One of the senior malware analysts at Tier3 stated:

“Some of these groups are making tens of thousands of Indian Rupees a day from their extortion campaigns. Those participating in the ecosystem appear to be doing so with impunity…. Criminals are living in an illusion of safeness. In reality, even though they use crypto currencies, they leave lots of different artifacts behind. These artifacts often help us to understand how they operate and to collect enough valuable information to help identify individual participants”

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Can These Attacks Cease?

Yes, they can . However, it is a lengthy and extensive process. The cybersecurity firms can essentially identify these attacks by locating their digital footprints but this process generally takes a lot of time.

It is relevant to state that majority of the hackers are not involved in ransomware attacked directly. Instead, they provide the code to the criminals or offenders against some bucks or bitcoins.

Source: Tier3

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