Startup Grocery Delivered to Your Doorstep (in Karachi)

With the world of online shoppers expanding each day around the world, the growth of the phenomena in developing countries like Pakistan is only a matter of time and initiative by local businessmen. The comfort and easy of online shopping is already accepted by consumers, the ball is in the businesses’ court about how they incorporate it into their operations. is the latest effort in this direction in Pakistan – an online portal for buying grocery items, delivered to your door in Karachi is the total order is greater than PKR 5000. There are no delivery charges but the delivery time is not clearly stated on the website.

What do they sell?

The website sells a wide variety of products in the groceries category as well as household, dairy, beverages, baby care, women care and men care products. The website is currently limited to Cash on Delivery (CoD) payment method, which is also the preferred method for online shoppers in Pakistan. The website plans to add the option of paying with a credit card in the future, although it is easily conceivable that it won’t be a high priority action.

Unique Selling Point

Online shopping has grown a lot in Pakistan and merely launching a new website/portal for selling products online has ceased to give you a competitive edge. In the case of, the competition is,, and other websites offering similar services and products on their websites.

Let’s review a list of things that can make a website/business like stand out from the crowd and see if they are currently doing it.

  1. Pricing and Delivery Time: One way is to offer free delivery of products priced at a discount from the market and deliver them faster than competitors do. While rashanlelo claims to do the first two, there is no easy way for the consumer to see that the products listed on this website are cheaper than competitors.
  2. Website Design: The website design can be outstanding, intuitive and easy to browse. Since the entire experience that the consumers has with your business is via this portal, it is worth investing time and money into the website and making it easy on the eyes and the mind.
  3. Product Range: The website provides a range of products that are high quality or imported or in some way differentiated from the range available at competitor websites or even at the brick and mortar counterparts of these online grocery stores. Rashanlelo’s current inventory looks commonplace and they don’t advertise it as being unique.
  4. Marketing: Even if there are multiple websites providing these services, the nascent stage of internet usage in the country can still mean that websites with more effective marketing strategies can gain first mover advantage in the industry even if they are not the first business in the market. Rashanlelo has put up an Jaag TV feature video on its website which shows that it is reaching beyond the internet to advertise its website – this is a great sign and direction. Its efforts on social media, however, seem weak with less than 2K followers on Facebook and no presence on any other social media page such as Twitter.

Race to the top

Online shopping is slowly but surely taking over the retailing world and it is only a matter of time that even countries like Pakistan see online stores as the main channels that customers are engaging with. All websites engaging in this sector today have a fair chance at dominating the future landscape of retailing – become the Amazon/Alibaba of Pakistan and it would be interesting to see what things look like for today’s players in 5 to 10 years’ time.

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1 Comment

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