Rawalpindi has its First Hub, Co-Working Space and Incubation Center!

LaunchPad7, an initiative of Jumpstart Pakistan, has launched its own hub and co-working space with a cozy yet fully equipped workspace. It provides a shared workplace where the like-minded people can use the energies of each other putting forward the best execution of their idea.

Jumpstart Pakistan is a private set up by Khurram Mujtaba, which seeks to promote an entrepreneurial mindset amongst the youth. He says that there are plenty of small and medium size enterprises in Pakistan that are headed by people who went through the complete life cycle of an entrepreneur. They started out with very primitive setup, successfully went through the startup stage, scaled their company and achieved what every entrepreneur dreams of achieving. Some of them even went from rags to riches. That is why they will be more willing to help those aspiring entrepreneurs. They will be the shepherds, mentors, and investors for our new prospective entrepreneurs who have excellent ideas but need proper guidance for their execution.
Jumpstart is aiming to make LaunchPad7 an activity hub subjected to energizing one’s weekend with the technological, managerial, market based workshop and training sessions, technology talks, mentoring dinners with the CEO of working organizations and much more.

These are the rates for starters:

  1. Flexible Workspace: Rs. 5,000/month
  2. Hot Desks: Rs. 10,000/month
  3. Reserved Space: Rs. 15,000/month

For larger working spaces, you will have to contact LaunchPad 7 and they will make a customized arrangement for you.
LaunchPad 7 was launched on January 1st, 2016 with the vision of inducting 7 startups in their first batch which will then be incubated for one whole year where they will be passed through many rounds of mentoring, networking and incubation. Acceleration to the startups will be provided through an international hands-on training program of Kauffman FastTrac. Successive mentoring and networking will be offered along with it different phases will be defined where an idea will be converted into reality from scratch.

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