Remittances From Overseas Pakistanis Witness a 2.3% Drop in FY17

In a statement issued earlier this week, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has observed that the remittances submitted by the overseas Pakistani workers have been US$ 14057.67 million in first nine months- July to March, of the fiscal year-FY17.

Remittances have always played a crucial part in making the economy grow of our country; they surely act as a tire, which propels prosperity in the country. It is definitely an integral part of our economy which just can’t be ignored. However, remittances can be seen as a double edged sword, as growing dependence on remittances would force the economy less breathing space than before and any disruption in the flow would cause major repercussions for the economy.

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If we compare this year’s figure to the last year, an amount of US$ 14387.79 million was received during the same period. As can be seen, the difference between the two corresponding values is a quite noticeable 2.3%. In contrast to the the inflows of workers remittances in March 2017, standing at US$ 1694.37 million have been 1% lower than March 2016. The value has, however, been 19.58% higher than February 2017.

The country wise breakdown for remittance submission during the month of March 2017, gives an interesting picture:

Saudi Arabia US$ 504.6 million
UAE US$ 363.24 million
USA US$ 213.29 million
UK US$ 209.14 million
GCC countries (that include Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman) US$ 197.21 million
European Union US$ 38.85 million

However, if compared to the remittances of March 2016, we get a different picture altogether: 

Saudi Arabia US$ 514.8 million
UAE US$ 396.35 million
USA US$ 202.73 million
UK US$ 202.37 million
GCC countries (that include Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman) US$ 212.47 million
European Union US$ 26.61 million

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The SBP statement further went to reflect that remittances received from Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries amounted to a total of US$ 168.04 million in March 2017, as against US$ 155.82 million which was received in March 2016.

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