Samsung Launches Connect Tag Tracker To Track People And Objects

Most people feel the need to attach a tracker device to their day to day objects in their efforts to reduce some stress from their life. Currently, the market is flooded with portable tracker devices that you can attach to objects like keys or pets to avoid losing them. However, Samsung has announced a Connect Tag Tracker which uses a fledgling narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) standard to connect devices. This is one of the first mobile consumer products in the market.

Samsung’s connect tag tracker uses NB-IoT that licenses a small part of LTE cellular spectrum in order to carry data for low-bandwidth devices. This bandwidth is sufficient for multiple uses such as strong coverage and better power saving at a very low operational cost. The design of the product matches the need of the hour as it may be connected to various gadgets in future such as smart trash cans or sensor parking apps.

The size of the tag is 4.21 centimeters in width and 1.19 centimeters in thickness. It makes it a highly portable device. Samsung’s connect tag tracker has a built-in SIM (eSIM) which cannot be detached as it is virtual in nature. eSIM occupies very little space and does not require the user to physically install a card in it.

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Features and functionality of Connect Tag Tracker

The functions of the device are endless. It can be used to find a person, an object, lost keys, and important valuables. In addition, it is very useful from safety point of view as parents can use this tag to keep track of their children when they leave the house.

The connect tag tracker works on GPS, Wi-Fi based positioning (WPS) and a cell ID to highlight the location both inside and outside the house. It works in collaboration with Samsung’s SmartThings Hub and Samsung Connect mobile app to allow its remote operation. Additionally, this combination enables the user to automatically connect the device with other devices.

Users can also integrate the tracker with the main switch (electric switch of the house). As soon as the latter comes within a pre-defined radius, lights can switch on automatically. The same function can also be used to keep track of your children when they travel from home to school.

Although some might argue that similar features are present in other products as well but Samsung is banking on its NB-IoT element to become a unique preposition. The device not only provides constant cellular connectivity but also has a long battery life of seven days in a single charge.

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Plenty of other firms are also working on the same product

These days, many venture capital firms are showing interest in mobile tracking devices such as San Mateo-based Tile and Santa Barbara’s TrackR. Another New York based firm, Lung pledged an amount of $2 million for a tracker that allows users to track anyone with a distance of 5 miles. This tracker uses a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network that combines multiple radio frequencies, an antenna and a low-powered chip.

Therefore, Samsung has tapped into the tracker market realizing its rising demand now and in the years to come. Connect tag tracker will be revealed at the developer conference in San Francisco this week. Initially, the device will be launched in Korea and later into other countries. However details regarding its price tag and launch dates have not been revealed yet.

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