Schedule Of Sehar-o-Iftar Across Pakistan

The Ruet-e-Hilal Committee of Pakistan announced the moon-sighting in Pakistan for Ramadan Kareem on Saturday (27th May 2017). Officially, the country observed the first fast of the month on Sunday, i.e. on 28th May 2017.
It generally becomes difficult for people to break their fast at the exact time. Same ambiguity occurs during Sehar. To help address this, we will be displaying the Sehar-o-Iftar timings of different cities of Pakistan in order to assist you with the correct timetable during Ramadan.


The Sehar timing in Karachi will vary between 04:12 AM to 04:15 AM for all 30 days. As far as the Iftar is concerned, the range of the timing will be from 07:16 PM to 07:26 PM. Following is the schedule:


The Sehar time will vary between 03:17 AM to 03:22 AM while the Iftar time will be between 07:01 PM to 07:12 PM. Here is the timetable for Lahore:


As far as the timetable of twin cities is concerned, it is almost the same. Following is the Sehar-o-Iftar schedule for the capital city:


Following is the timetable for Rawalpindi:


If you are residing in Bahawalpur, the following breakdown of Sehar-O-Iftar during Ramadan will help you:


Sehar-o-Iftar timetable for Faisalabad is as following:









Ideally, it would be great if you cease eating at least 2 minutes before the scheduled time in Sehri. Do not wait for the Azaan since Imam may get a couple of minutes late and which may hurt your fast. Similarly, it is important to break your fast at least one minute after the Azaan or one minute after the mentioned time, to keep on the safe side.

Let us know in the comment box if you would like the schedule of your city to be entered in this article.

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