Sell Like a Professional: How to Get Over Your Fear of Becoming a Sell-Out

Selling is a critical part of any business- that’s no secret- businesses exist to sell.

If you’re not one of the few hundred new-generation kids who grew up selling lemonade by the roadside, probably is that you have a fear of selling. In that case this fear is something that can potentially harm your business massively.

There are many different reasons as to why one might want to skip the whole ‘selling part’ when it comes to business. Fear of rejection, fear of becoming a sell-out, even the fear of becoming one of the countless, annoying people we find ourselves avoiding when we visit places of business who try to sell us everything on the table, is a factor that can stop our business from progressing. However, here are a few practices you can adopt to overcome your phobia of selling and turning into a sell-out:

  1. Learn from a ‘No’:

None of us likes rejection. However, most of the times, a no brings you closer to a sale than a yes does. The reason being that you now have an opportunity to focus on what your product/service is lacking and hence you can work on making it better.

Don’t worry about not being able to accept rejection for what it is: your brain is pretty much hard-wired to learn from negativity. Even if you find yourself losing your footing, always ask for ‘why’ or ‘how can it be improved?’ Chances are, the answers will make so much sense to you that you will actually be able to ignore the negativity and learn from the experience.

  1. Have some faith:

If YOU don’t find your product worth defending, you have no right to sell it. Have faith in your product, or service, and don’t ever seem like you’re unsure of what you’re selling. There’s always a place to be humble and that’s well and good but remember to not make it seem like you doubt yourself when you speak.

  1. Move in steps, not leaps:

Don’t wanna be an annoying telemarketer when it comes to selling? The solution is simple: don’t be one.
Sell on a smaller scale to survive- you won’t build your equivalent of Trump towers in a day. Sell to your friends, pitch to your family first and you’ll know where you and your product stand. Then go big and when you go big- go big or go home.

If you want to make big bucks, your fear of selling will be your worst enemy. Overcome that and you’ll land on the moon in no time!

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