How Session Replay Tools Help E-Commerce Sites

The digital age has opened up new opportunities and ventures for businesses to explore, outside of the usual physical store displays and traditional shops. E-commerce has been gaining popularity for quite a while now with companies from all industries participating in the trend as alternative to the “old ways”. Companies, which aspire to do well in the digital market, hire experts on digital marketing, website design and other functionalities in order to make their e-commerce site one of the best.

There are many way to find out what a customer wants through survey or by the use of analytics such as mouse heat map, chatbot analytics and also session replay tools. Companies find it important to know what drives a customer to and away from their online shops because the actions of one customer could reflect a problem that needs to be solved or an opportunity that needs to be explored.

Session Replay Tools Recreating Scenarios

For most of our lives, we speculate because we don’t have concrete and absolute data on everything. Speculations, however, are not the best way to go about making business and operational decisions in the company. Decisions based on information or hypotheses allow a company to make rational and logical actions that would result in progress.

Session replay tools allow e-commerce websites to get a glimpse of what an actual user does in his or her stay in the site. The tools allow the company to have an image of what a normal user clicks and doesn’t click, what ads are often seen in the line of sight and how long each customer takes to make a decision of whether to buy, search for more products and services or close the website browser altogether.

Analytics Help E-Commerce Sites in Business Decisions

Analytics like session replay allow businesses to have insight on the activities of each user and have data, pattern or estimate of their browsing behavior on the site. By recreating scenarios of each customer, the e-commerce sites can determine the kind of action that works and the kind that doesn’t.

For marketing purposes, companies sometimes put up advertising banners in parts of the site to see which ones attract more users and consumers. Website owners experiment on different the colors, images, messages and copies to see which ones the site visitors responded to more than the others so that they could replicate the process.

Analytics, particularly session replay tools, help e-commerce websites have an overview of some of the usual activities in their site. Albeit estimated, the numbers that are created as a result of the information collected from each user could allow companies to find out which widgets are helpful and which business investments such as additional website pages or better e-commerce site layout can help in gaining profit.

At the end of the day, every tool is put in place so that it could collect useful information or data. Every website owner can either use the analytics as basis for future action or just as assessment for past experiments and trials. Different e-commerce sites have different needs with various analytics that help them achieve their unique goals.

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