SOFTEC 2016 – Upping the ante?

This year, FAST-NU saw a great exhibition of raw tech talent in Pakistan. The future of technology in Pakistan looks promising with many bright and innovative ideas coming up from young Pakistani undergrads. Students from different universities participated in the annual technology exhibition at Lahore.


One of the teams developed a medical application that allowed for real-time brain activity estimation. They plan to sell it to doctors and medical organizations who want to use it in their research.


Then there was a team that developed a mobile application, ‘Share Via SMS’, that allows you to send pictures via SMS for free i.e. without any additional data charges. And you don’t even need an Internet connection for it. Incredible, isn’t it?


The other exhibitors thought of doing something good for the society and developed a game called ‘Parity’ for the handicapped, as part of a project by a major hospital chain.


It w as interesting to see remarkable innovations from female students. Four students from NUST University, Islamabad, developed an object tracking and power transmission device all on their own.


Team Electroid, currently incubated at Netsol, Lahore, developed an IOT app that allows you to automate every single electronic device in your home with your mobile device and manage your billing just the way you like it. If you don’t want your monthly bill to exceed Rs. 10,000, you can set how many appliances should turn on and off and at what times of the day, to help you achieve that.


There were some crazy inventions too, like a solar-powered airplane that can possibly be used for surveillance if cameras are attached to it. But what will happen in the rainy days is still unclear.


Then there was Cricflex, that enables us to know when a bowling action is illegal. It measures the degree your elbow turns when you are bowling so that you are notified if your bowling action is illegal. This way you can work around it and change your action before you become an international player, play for years and then are suddenly ostracized for an illegal bowling action. Someone should have shown this app to the ICC at the start of Saeed Ajmal’s career, so that he didn’t have to change his action during the peak of his form.


It was great to see many big names in the tech industry taking up part in the exhibition and helping young undergrads learn a thing or two about the practical world. Tkxel was one company that was particularly seen as being very active recruiting indirectly any interested candidates. Do you see Perk? How did I not see it? Dratz.

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