Soloinsight: The Future of Access Intelligence?

SoloInsight is perhaps one of the most innovative global companies every founded by a Pakistani. It provides technology solutions using an identification platform of integrated software and sensors in order to help businesses manage security, personnel, assets, and visitors. It has about 119 clients and is operating in over 146 locations with 114,000 daily users.

Its essentially a global recognition software that helps manage access of employees, visitors, and contractors, while enabling rules-based screening for access, alerts, reports, surveys, and legal waivers. It enables businesses to increase compliance and save their money as 90% of all U.S. collective or class action suits are related to wage and hour litigation and employees win most of those lawsuits that go to trial.  Soloinsight integrates with the cloud and provides reports of all entrances and exits.



The software that Soloinsight uses for this purpose is called CloudGate, which is integrated with various access points which are in turn integrated with the cloud. This system can automatically enforce rules that can prevent non-compliant behavior. The founders of Soloinsight say that they used the inspiration from the movie ‘Minority Report’ to build their dream.

This software also integrates with the time & attendance, and the payroll software to foster accountability. In short, it is a workforce management system that allows for reduction in payroll slippage too and gives HR Managers real-time dashboards to monitor their employees.

But it doesn’t mean that these businesses treat their employees like prisoners. The solutions that Soloinsight provides allows these companies to take care of these employees and to know where there employees are in case of an emergency.

It integrates with various APIs and connectors like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Oracle, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics & Sage etc. It employs biometric recognition that include scans of the face and both irises.  It also has an additional feature of palm vein scanning.  The hardware is self-supporting and does not require anchors drilled into the floor, but is simply plugged into an electrical outlet.

Although Soloinsight has grown to become a major corporation, its founders still like to call it a startup. Farhan Masood, the genius behind Soloinsight, had previously invested all of his earnings in a credit card manufacturing facility and lost them all. So he literally had to bootstrap Soloinsight for 10 years. During this time period, he had to survive with no outside funding. Once his car was stolen and he thought he would never be able to afford a car again in his life. And now he’s a success story that the global business community is proud of.

Farhan has since then won 38 international awards and recognitions in total and was declared Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 by OPEN. He has raised about $3 million in seed capital through which he was able to expand his company to USA and China.

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