Startup Weekend Lahore met terrific ideas on Education from passionate participants

Startup Weekend Lahore is going at full swing in Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). The main focus of this startup was to enhance the level of education in the region. The event is being presented by LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship and Ilm Ideas 2.

The innovators who feel that they could create significant difference in the field of education gathered at Startup Weekend Lahore. They shared their views, innovative ideas and creative solutions to improve the education system in Pakistan. Moreover, the participants also got the opportunity to meet with startup mentors and coaches who helped them in executing ideas.

Number of participants pitched their concepts to an enthusiastic crowd. Here’s a brief summary of the shortlisted ideas:

1- Android study app

The idea of this application is to remove all the communication barriers between students and teachers. Furthermore, it will also be used for sharing audio, video, slides, presentations and lectures.

2- Bookcity / BBE

The notion of bookcity is to promote the buying and selling of the book. On the other hand, BBE collects books from donors only to give them to individuals who are in dire need of it.

3- Careerfellow

It is a social network for education. Students seek help from their elders about the career path at some point in their teens. Subsequently, this app will help them better decide the career that they should pursue.

4- Deeqa / School evaluation and quality assurance

Deeqa aims to develop a department of education development and quality evaluation to improve the education system of Pakistan. On the other hand, school evaluation and quality assurance wants to automate the process by making software.

5- E-Taleem

Many students want to prepare for exams in a group. E-Taleem is an app that would help students connect who would be keen to study together.

6- Educare / Jugnu – The enlighten learners

Educare aims to provide online teaching and education for primary school children. On the other hand, Jugnu hopes to support kids from low-income backgrounds to turn their ideas into reality. Both these groups will be working together.

7- Ilmistan

It is an online learning platform which will allow teachers from rural areas to attain tech training. Moreover, the teachers will also be taught about teaching curriculum designed specifically for Pakistan.

8- Ilm ka gulshan

It aims to teach Imams in such a manner that they can promote education with Madressahs.

9- Keep schools safe

It is an interesting initiative that will keep all schools open in case of any natural calamity. It also aims to train schools in life-saving techniques.

10- Mindful schools / Peaceful minds

The motto of peaceful minds is peace, content and curriculum. The notion behind mindful schools is to create an environment that will subside the level of stress among students. Moreover, it will also enhance the education retention among students.

11- Pakistan research database

The aim of this idea is to automate the thesis work of past students for current and future students. By doing so, students would be able to handpick the thesis and research papers of their choice.

12- Resource management in education

It intends to develop a framework for the transparency in education.

13- Robotics for kids

As interesting as the field, Robotics for kids aims to encourage knowledge of robotics among students.

14- Salsabeel

Salsabeel, presented by Khurram Sarwar, will provide a structural roadmap to create self-awareness and strengths.

15- SS gamification / Games Ed

SS gamification wants to gamify subjects related to social sciences in order to stimulate the interest in them. On the other hand, Games Ed wants to build games that will not only enhance the quality of education but also increase student’s concepts.

16- Transgender schooling

Education is everyone’s right and nobody should be robbed of it. The first step and transgender schooling aim to setup schools so that transgenders in our community can also attain education.

Startup Weekend Lahore is scheduled to be concluded on 7th August. Which idea(s) did you like the most?

Source: Techjuice

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